[3.0] Dual Wield Blood Bomb Gladiator - Quick - Shaper Viable -


Hello and welcome to my 3.0 Dual Weild Gladiator Sunder Build guide. I've spent the last couple leagues playing around with this build and have decided to make a build guide for 3.0 since it was significantly buffed from 2.6, and I wanted to show people what ive been doing with the class. This build was designed with clear speed and move speed in mind, utilizing the offhand claw Advancing Fortress in the offhand we get block chance and a free fortify set up within the claw itself, and because we use this offhand claw you can opt to use whirling blades. The other centerpiece of the build is going to be a Soul Taker, making mana a thing of the past we reserve ALL of our mana utilizing Hatred, Herald of Ash and Arctic Armour for added survivability.


Generally you'll be quickly slapping a sunder down on white packs to blow them skyhigh, blue packs and rares requiring a couple seconds of extra attention, overall this build clears very quickly and feels amazing to map with. Against Bosses I caved to having a Frenzy+Faster Attacks setup since being at maximum frenzy charges with the Outmatch and Outlast ascendancy gives us 10% more damage on top of the 12% more from frenzy charges.

Pro's & Con's

+ Great clearspeed utilizing Gladiators blood explosions
+ Fast attack speed 9-10 attacks per second
+ 40%+ Block Chance
+ Confidently clears all content, save for Uber Atziri (Maybe im just bad)
+ Soul Taker allows you to grab arctic armour and reserve all of your mana

- Destroyed by ele reflect map mod, turn off your auras to do these!
- Any spells you want to use need to be linked to blood magic


Most of these items should be very affordable, the most expensive item being a Soul Taker, but it is well worth it. You also have the option to use a Scourge in your offhand for extra damage with the downside of losing 15% block chance and the free fortify Advancing Fortress gives us. For Flasks I use Basalt for the flat phys reduction thought you can replace this with a utility flask of your choice, Lions Roar and Atziris Promise are for damage, and two life flasks to keep me breathing. I highly recommend grabbing a Turqoise amulet for stats, if you need to take stats on the tree go for it, just dont forget to unspec it when you get enough on gear. I feel like this is self-explanatory but for every other piece of gear get life and res, and movespeed on boots if you can, also flat phys on jewelry.

Best in slot gear choices
Rigwalds Command should be the best in slot offhand for this build, it provides 10% additional block chance as well 80% increased damage with our axe, and a bit of frenzy generation. Steel rings and Spiked Gloves are the obvious choice for min/maxing damage. Then for our helmet we will want to grab an abyssus, this scales our damage very well because of how fast we can attack. Finally our best choice for chests is Belly of the Beast for life and Carcass Jack for damage.

My Current Gear
I just picked up the biscos for some item quant since I personally dont need the res. I can get a much better steel ring than the one with cold damage, i just haven't bothered yet.

Skill gems

Sunder - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical - Chance to Bleed - MultiStrike - Concentrated effect

I messed around with ruthless for a while, but it seems conc effect gives a better damage boost and it doesnt really slow down clear speed, though you could just swap in Inc AoE while clearing.

Passive Tree and Leveling

For levelling you can grab two Screaming Eagles, and then transition into two Gryphons until you hit the level requirement to use Soul Taker and Advancing Fortress. As for ascendancy take Gratuitous Violence first, the Block ascendancies come after and lastly the frenzy/endurance ascendancy. A side note about the tree, dont take Crimson Dance until you have enough attack speed to reliably stack bleeds. Bandit choice is Eramir for +2 skill points which i threw at diamond skin to help me cap res so i could craft int on an amulet. Otherwise leveling is pretty straight forward, we get plenty of damage and life on our way through, our biggest boost being when we hit the marauder side and grab the scion life wheel.

Path of Building Pastebin with current gear at level 94

PoE Planner at level 91

Pantheon Choices
I went with Brine King for Major God and Gruthkul for Minor God for the defense before I got an abyssus, at that point i switched to Ralakesh for Minor God to help deal with labyrinth traps and bleeding damage since abyssus amplifies that.

Wish i didn't get banned for 5-days because of something i said 4 years ago.
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Shit build -1

Jk, Amazing build definitely give a try!
He personally carried me through most of the content easily.
UPDATE: I JUST KILLED UBER ATZIRI. Took out Multistrike, replaced with ruthless and tried as hard as my little brain could to finish it, feels amazing man.
Wish i didn't get banned for 5-days because of something i said 4 years ago.
Why u using a two handed axe right now? and if u can plz take a look at my sunder glad and see if u can give some tips :)
Do you have problems with survivability without taking Vaal Pact?
Not really, the regen and some leech covers you just fine, as long as you keep a level head and dodge things you know will hurt you.
Wish i didn't get banned for 5-days because of something i said 4 years ago.

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