[3.0] DW Autocast Whirling Double Cascades - The Rippling Thoughts + Cospri's Malice - Build Idea

Hey guys! I've been looking at the new harbinger uniques and really liked the sword's mechanics, so I came up with a build idea, but since I'm not really good at making builds I figured I'd better ask here for feedback and suggestions. I'd like this to work kinda like the Shield Charge Discharge build, but possibly cheaper (seeing as Voll's Devotion is still kinda expensive). This might not be the most efficient setup or anything, but I think it should be cool and fun to play (and hey, that's what PoE is all about right?)

The main idea is to use the new unique The Rippling Thoughts along with Cospri's Malice to proc both Storm and Glacial Cascades through Whriling Blades, along with the other new harbinger unique The Flow Untethered to reduce their inner cooldowns, as well as providing 15% attack speed and a 20% animation speed buff to help with dashing through the map.

I've put together a skill tree and gem setup, but would like to know if it can be improved somehow. I'm getting 176% inc. max life and 3 jewel sockets, with major focus on crit and attack speed. Also getting 40% cold conversion for full elemental Cascades.
PoE Planner: https://goo.gl/2PkBHd
Path of building: https://pastebin.com/PmV4SSsE

Right now my main worries are:
- Are the defenses all right? I don't plan on doing any endgame bosses with this build, only mapping.
- Will I be able to sustain the mana cost with Assassin? Would Poacher's Mark be enough?
- Is Whirling Blades a good idea or should I go for Cyclone, Charged Dash or another thing altogether?
- Do the items I picked make sense or should I go for other stuff?

Please, share your thoughts and ideas and help me improve this build, even if it kinda sucks.

Thanks <3
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Hi there! I'm currently running the build, and here are my thoughts:

My build:
1. I run Scion (Assassin/Raider) for more life(193%), but I think Assassin works good as well.

2. I wear Carcass Jack, you can try it or simply wear a good life armor.

3. I have Coc-Bladeball for additional damage.

4. I use cyclone to trigger all spells.

5. I linked Storm Cascade with Ice bite for Frenzy Charges.

The rest should be very similar.

For your worries:

1. Defense: I have 6k Evasion which isn't very good. So I simply run Vaal Pact and I didn't go to Duelist for life regen. You can try to build up your evasion and keep the regen. Try take some life/evasion nodes(Ranger/duelist opening).

2. Mana Cost: Mana cost is probably the easier part in this build. You can have Mana leech on Amulet/Ring or even Jewel for temporary. Then all you're melee skill from whirling blades to cyclone can sustain mana from Rippling Thoughts' base damage. I do have mana regen (Amulet) b/c I need to sustain whirling blades without leeching.

3.Whirling blades can easily clear normal mobs, but I use cyclone to kill bosses. I've never tried charged dash b/c I don't like channeling. Lacerate can also work with this build btw.

4.Here are simply my ideas:
a)The shadow opening - physical/chaos nodes should be better then elemental nodes since Atziri's promise gets a better damage boost while the base damage increases exactly the same (plus a bit of life).

b)Nullification and Fang of the Viper seems kinda unneeded to the build. I think simply go the right path and take the Jewel socket is better.

c) I think you're taking too much attack nodes( Duel Wielding nodes ). I prefer more life nodes.

d) I know you're running life regen, but leeching is still good if you can find a way to leech.

And that's all, thank you and hope you can find something usefull!

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I like the basic idea of the build!

But the way you made you tree is.. well lets see...

Even with perfect Rares your total defense is:
4635 maximum Life
725 maximum Mana
410 Armour
8626 Evasion
22 Energy Shield
On a level 100 char with maximum life rolls - that's by far not enough for any later content.

Your 6link deals no dmg - thats very inefficient.
At laest make a coc Blade Vortex in so you have the More magic dmg..

Basically not a bad idea of usage but you should think of a way of using the 6 link better and get WAY MORE life.

Trying a Scion like Estrn is a better attempt for sure.
Getting close to 200% incr. Life is a must.

You have no leech anyhow - should use warlords mark.

You have no dodge even though you run past it in the tree?!

And the chest doesnt fit in the build - the attack you "buff" with it is not meant to deal dmg - so why use it?
Tbh you could run Kaoms heart and 4link your attack skill or sth...
Or get a good chest and make a cast while channeling Charged Dash or sth...

There are many options out there.

Here i made this just as an example how it possibly could look like with bit more than 9k effective hp wtih MOM. (I only took few minutes so possibly it still need some improvements)
But it has:
-all 3 charges can be generated
-up to almost 10k Hp combined
-dual curse
-decent evasion and some dodge
-100% conversion for the 3links and Blade vortex
-if you manage to make your lightning + cold resistance even you have great bonus on all skills
-probably you would run arctic armour over herald of ash for the extra tankyness while channeling...

The benifit of cursing with the league unique is that the SPell comes out first before you charge and COC so you curse enemies first then charge dash over them and dmg them with COC and bladevortex.. (:

This is on top tier items too though... The build will never be cheap and tanky.. But mb you could try this if you like and have enough currencies...

Good luck man!
(Sorry i dont know how to make links short so its a big, dumb link :P)

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Hi i play cospri´s malice + the rippling thoughts on a lvl 91 exile.

i play on raider for max frenzy charges combined with power charges from assasinsmark.

also i wear surgebinders. they give me increased speel dmg per power charge and increased ele dmg for each frenzy.

it´s very strong if u combined it with Crown ow eyes. ( spell dmg counts for attack dmg too)

take some cheap jewels 2x + spell dmg and 1x attack speed.

as attack is use frost blade. i got a very high clear speed, because frost blade got 150k dps and i got double casscade ( 1 cospri 1 rippling )

i taked insta life leech and vinktars.

this build is quick, funny and got a high mobility. but i got just 4,8k life.!!! that´s not that mutch, so it´s a champ for just running maps up to t15. for higher content, take an other exile ;)

gl hf and sorry for my bad english
203 intelligence ain't nearly enough to use Cospri's Malice, I'm afraid.

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