[3.0] 12k ehp Pathfinder Blade Vortex for Lazy Standard/HC Folks

Note: this build is for standard/hardcore only! Before you keep reading, it requires a legacy Vinktar flask.

This is the spiritual successor of my Harvest Blade Vortex build from 2.1 and 2.4 (found here).

If you're like me, you were one of the people lucky enough to end up with a Vessel of Vinktar right before it's first nerf. Other than that flask, I'm not particularly rich, so this is the build that I decided to make, for all of the reasons outlined below.

Should you play this build? Let's go down the checklist:

1. Do you have a legacy legacy Vessel of Vinktar (the one worth around 100ex)? You ideally want physical to lightning conversion, though really any of them will do. If not, you probably shouldn't play this build, unless reason 4 applies. While this build is playable with the new Vessel of Vinktar, you have to path to Vaal Pact (2 extra points) and your mana sustain and flask uptime will be a lot worse.

At this point you might just decide to make the build already. But there's some more things that might make the build more appealing.

2. Are you a lazy player who wants to do all the content in the game? If so, make this build.

3. Do you have a terrible computer, low fps, or suffer from internet rubberbanding? If so, make this build.

4. Are you a softcore player with no interest in dodging things that you're supposed to dodge? If so, make this build.

5. Do you want to be able to defeat Guardians with almost every map mod combination? If so, make this build.

Build in a nutshell

Achieve 100% flask uptime on Vessel of Vinktar, Diamond Flask, and Wise Oak. Convert blade vortex damage to lightning for insane leech as well as good scaling. Use Pledge of Hands + Kaom's Heart + MoM to scale extremely high eHP (12k+). Clear with decent speed even in bad layout maps due to insane quicksilver uptime and effect (can run for over a minute with no mobs to sustain charges).

Path of Building Link + Offensive DPS (actual gear, level 92)

350k dps vs Shaper without 10% increased damage from VoV

Passive Skill Tree, level 92

Gear + Jewels

Gem links

Links in order of importance.

6L (pledge of hands): Blade Vortex - Increased Crit Strikes - Physical to Lightning -
Lightning Penetration - Increased AoE / Conc Effect - Controlled Destruction / Ele Focus

4L: Vigilant Strike - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Flicker Strike

4L: Flame Dash - Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Critical - Arcane Surge (lvl 6/7)

4L: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 20) - Ethereal Knives - Physical to Lightning - Flame Dash / Arc

1L (essence worm): Hatred / Wrath / Arctic Armour

Boss killing swaps

For normal mapping, I use Inc AoE and Controlled Destruction in my main link, Hatred in Essence Worm, and Flame Dash in my CwDT setup.

The optimized dps variant for killing bosses uses Conc Effect and Ele Focus in my main link, Wrath in Essence Worm, and Arc in the CwDT setup. Do not use Flame Dash in CwDT on bosses, as it will push you out of the range of a Conc Effect blade vortex.

For maximum tankiness, I will swap Wise Oak for a Chemist's Ruby Flask, Chemist's Sapphire Flask, or a Taste of Hate. Note that you cannot sustain the additional flask in "50% reduced flask charges gained" maps unless you use Overflowing Chalice. You can also use arctic armour in Essence Worm.

Flask uptime

My crit chance under a diamond flask: 82%
Blade vortex: 5 hits / second. You will be able to reach 20 stacks even under Temporal Chains.

Base charge gain from crit: 5 * .82 = 4.1 charges / sec
Base charge gain from Nature's Boon: 0.33 charges / sec / flask
Base flask duration: 7 seconds
Vessel of Vinktar usage: 19 charges
Diamond flask usage: 9 charges
Chemist's Ruby/Sapphire flask usage: 14 charges
Wise Oak usage: 13 charges
Taste of Hate usage: 19 charges

Vessel of Vinktar + Diamond Only (28 charges / use)
With no flask map mods:
Charge gain: (4.1 + 0.33 * 2) * 1.6 * 7 = 53.3 charges

With 50% reduced flask charges gained:
Charge gain: (4.1 + 0.33 * 2) * 1.1 * 7 = 36.7 charges

Vessel of Vinktar + Diamond + Other flask (28 charges + other flask charges / use)
With no flask map mods:
Charge gain: (4.1 + 0.33 * 3) * 1.6 * 7 = 57.12 charges
Sustains every single additional flask

With 50% reduced flask charges gained:
Charge gain: (4.1 + 0.33 * 3) * 1.1 * 7 = 39.3 charges
Undersustains wise oak by 2 charges / use, chemist's utility by 3 charges / use, ToH by 8 charges / use

If you want to sustain these other flasks under the 50% reduced flask charges gained mod, use overflowing chalice instead of quicksilver. I haven't really found it necessary: I'm ok with only using Vessel of Vinktar + diamond.

How to Play

Stack some BV, jam Vessel of Vinktar, Diamond Flask, Wise Oak, Quicksilver. Rinse and repeat every pack.

Tough Bosses:
Jam Vessel of Vinktar, Diamond Flask, Wise Oak / Defense Flask if no 50% reduced flask charges gained mod. Use Vigilant strike to proc fortify, then drop an orb of storms to proc Arcane Surge and PCoC. Stack BV until flasks are about to expire. Rinse and repeat every 7 seconds until boss dead.

Defense / Tanking Calculations
My current build has 6842 life and 3549 mana along with MoM and fortify. This means my effective HP is:

6842 * 3 / 7 = 2932 < 3549: I have more mana than I need for MoM.

EHP: 6842 * 10 / 7 / 0.8 = 12.2k

I've pretty much tanked everything short of Uber Atziri's double flameblast in the game with this much eHP + the mitigation from flasks. This includes Shaper's teleport slam, Core Malachai's Slam, and any of the Guardians' moves (though I haven't tried 4+ damage mod Guardians yet). If Shaper or Malachai lands a crit with their attacks, you will need Taste of Hate + maybe Arctic Armour to survive the hit.
[2.1] Harvest Blade Vortex - 70% phys mitigation perma flask build
[1.2] Naked Marauder Build - end game build with no clothes!
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Any idea how the survivability is compared to the evasion MoM variant?

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