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[3.0]jugg tidebreaker sunder - noob friendly, facetanks izaro, 8 end charges

This is a tidebreaker build that rocks on 8 endurance charges. This build got a bunch of defensive layers, and neat offensive power. I facetank uber-izaro with this guy. It is noob friendly and relatively cheap.

The build is based around stacking armor and other source of damage reduction and scaling stun. It takes the mace bleeding chances cluster to help a bit with dps. Every stun nodes are taken to lower the threshold as much as possible and to make the duration as long as possible. You _will_ stun most rare mobs on hit even in red maps.

Pros :
-Great defenses
-Decent offense and relatively fast clear speed.
-Immune to temporal chains, slow, blind, frost/chill, crits, shock, and stun
-Stun mobs all the time
-Perma max endurance charges
-Lab is a joke

Cons :
-Low hp
-Lotsa uniques
-Difficult to stun bosses

Neutral :
-No immortal call, but this is not really an issue.

With 8 endurance charges, fortify and the passive tree your reach 46% damage reduction, and that's not counting your armor. Since we are running the brass dome, your armor value is substantial.

The notable crimson dance is taken. Bleed usually does not work well with stun as the mobs don't move. As you will run most maps with multistrike, you can reach the max bleed stack against tougher mobs and inflict and additional 240% base damage per seconds. As we are running only physical damages, our bleed is based on 100% of our damage. For bosses, I usually swap multistrike to ruthless. This is so I can proc stun more often. As such, you won't stack as much bleed. This stays, however, a nice free dps increase.

This build does not take iron reflexes, so blind works well. Vengeance takes care of this.

I did not test this build in hardcore(cuz I'm an sc pussy), but it should be viable.

Kraytin. Gotta go fast.


Jugg lol

Unflinching : This allow us to generate endurance charges on hit but we really want it for
the +1 and what comes after.

Unrelenting : Allows us to keep max charges easily. The damage synergies well with veruso's and tidebreaker.

Unbreakable : Stun immunity is great. It removes veruso's drawback. Also double that brass
dome mighty armor.

Unstoppable : Immune to all slow effects. This includes temporal chains, freeze, and chill.



Our bread and butter. Increases damage with endurance charges. Endurance charges on stun makes it so we are always at 8 endurance charges.

Veruso's battering ram

Increase damage per endurance charges. Cannot be shock removes the brass dome's drawback. If you can, try to get a nice vulnerability on hit or attack speed corruption.

Kaom's way

+1 end charge and life regen. 1 is good. 2 might be overkill. Especially since we are already running a lot of uniques.

The brass dome

You'll get over 10k armor with this and take no additional damages from crits. Right now, this chest is pretty cheap at 10c. Kaom's or belly of the beast might be better as they give life. However, they cost much more.

Other gear :
You basically want life, strength, res, and any missing stats.

A +1 corruption amulet along with some vulnerability on hit implicit corruption on the gloves is really nice.

A +1 endurance charge is also a great improvement.


Sunder -> melee physical damage support -> brutality -> concentrated effect -> multistrike -> ruthless -> stun.

For mapping : Skip stun support. You will deal enough damage to proc it all the time.
For uniques : Swap multistrike with stun support. You will have lower dps, but you will stun much more often. A good unique is a unique that can't do shit.

For a 5 link : Skip stun all together. Run multistrike while mapping and ruthless against tough mobs.

About ruthless : Ruthless is especially good in this build since, instead of average the more modifier over every hit, you get it all on one hit. This helps in reaching the stun threshold. In this case, the effect on bleed is insignificant.

Vengeance -> blind -> brutality -> melee physical damage

This adds a bit of dps, and also blinds enemies. The blind is a really nice addition. I actually lost my endurance charges on some uniques because they never hit me.

Leap slam -> fortify -> faster attack -> increased duration

Leap slam is nice for mobility and fortify is just great.

Cast when damage taken -> molten shell -> summon flame golem -> warlord's mark

Warlord's mark can be changed for another curse. I took it for the stun threshold reduction, but it is otherwise not needed.

Blood rage -> increased duration

Frenzy charges improve dps, and this adds a nice life leech. Hp drain is not an issue with our life regen


Since we can't inflict elemental damage, our flasks options are limited. However, this also allows us to take more general utility flasks.

I run a seething divine flask

The lion's roar is the only unique flask that gives us a more modifier.

Basalt flasks are nice with the additional damage reduction. However, I haven't noticed its effect being significant.

Silver flasks are a nice addition to dps, and helps us apply more bleed stacks.

My gear

You can level with ground slam with the ground slam unique jewel. Marohi erqi can replace tidebreaker while you're accumulating currency.
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-With 8 endurance charges, fortify and the passive tree your reach 46% damage reduction-

is it normal that i am at 90% damage reduction without any charges/fortify/potions and it doesn't go any higher

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