[3.0] Edgy RF-SR Trickster (Theorycraft)

Welcome to my 3.0 RF Trickster build!

First a bit of history about me and my PoE experience. I starting playing PoE in the Nemesis league and have never looked back. I'm a casual SC player, who loves theorycrafting more than actually playing the game. I've played a few HC characters into the mid-80s but then die for various reasons, some more valid than others ( lag I'm looking at you O.o ).

At this point I've realized that all of my favorite builds have been RF builds, and I think I've tried just about everyway to use RF.
Basic RF Marauder
RF Lowlife witch
RF Templar with curses
RF totems chieftain
RF-SR ES Based Marauder with strength stacking
RF Dark Pact Scion MOM

It comes to my attention that I've not yet tried an RF trickster. And I think which a number of recent ascendancy/mechanics/unique changes now is the time to get a bit edgy. This will be a softcore build and is going to be the next character I create. I think it can be modified for HC play but will likely need to sacrifice some damage consistency.

Why Trickster?

The trickster got a [3.0] set of buffs to the ascendancy.

The Swift Killer node now provides us with 40% increase DoT. The change to gain power/frenzy charges was also increased from 10% to 15%.

The Patient Reaper node now provides us with 70% increased recovery of life/mana/ES, up from 60%.

Weave The Arcane didn't get a buff but provides us with massive Mana gain and reduces damage taken when we spend a lot of mana on scorching ray.

Walk the Aether allows us to use lightning warp to escape almost any situation, even if our mana takes enough damage to reduce us to 0 mana.

Skill Trees

Level 70 Tree

Level 80 Tree

Level 90 Tree

Level 100 Tree


Gearing this build is relatively easy. There is only one mandatory unique and a few recommended uniques. The most expensive of these costs about 5 chaos orbs.

Rise of the Phoenix. This is needed to sustain righteous fire without taking too heavy of a degen penalty.
With perfect gear you might be able to get away without this, but I don't think it would significantly improve the build to do so.

I usually get 2 for weapon swaps. They're like 1 chaos a piece.

Dyadus Infernal Axe. The all-star of this build. It makes enemies take 100% increased burning damage, which effectively gives us 100% MORE damage. Woah! There is some opportunity cost here though. The added fire damage it provides means that we are unable to use shield charge as a movement skill without screwing up Elemental Equilibrium. It also requires us to keep enemies chilled. However with the new changes to chill in 3.0 we don't need to reach a threshold amount of cold damage on mobs to chill. NOTE: The chill on this must be delivered by the character, which I believe means this debuff does not trigger when enemies take are chill by chilling ground effects. This was also buffed in 3.0 from 40% increased burning damage to 100% increased burning damage. It costs about 1 choas.

Doon Cuebiyari. This provides a sizable dps boost. It also gives additional mana and cast speed which are great for us. I will put this in my weapon swap. Costs about 5 chaos.

Witchfire brew. This flask provides a sizable dps boost. This build runs no curses so we get full effectiveness of flask. It costs only about 5 chaos. Maybe 10 chaos for a great roll.

The Overflowing chalice. This flask should provide a minor dps boost. The consecrated ground it generates provides a 6% life regenerated per second buff. This is great for us sense we will be standing still to cast scorching ray. Additionally it increases the recharge rate of or other flasks. It costs less than 1 chaos.

All other gear should be rares. Focus on Armour/ES rares because we need to be able to roll the +Mana mod.
Evasion/ES is okay but not preferred. We want Armour over Evasion for this build because we need to be hit consistently with small hits to trigger Cast When Damage Taken.

Preferred Mods on gear:
Life > Mana > Hybrid Life
Move speed > Element Res > Strength > Chaos Res

If you are lavishly rich for jewelry try to get a Marble Amulet and Opal Rings (Maybe coral rings on HC, but I'd have to test that) while still maintaining Elemental Weakness Caps.

Also potentially expensive but getting a Essence crafted helmet/gloves with 30% more damage from Elemental skills/Damage over time in this item is a worthwhile investment.

Other Flasks:
2 Ruby flasks. One curse removal, one shock removal (Or freeze for certain maps).
1 Hallowed Hybrid flask. Instant flask of bleed removal.
If you feel like you need freeze removal cut the Overflowing Chalice. (But you should have enough life to not get frozen).


There are a number of really good modifiers here I will list the order I think mods should be favored in.
Life > Fire Damage > Mana Regen > Mana > Spell Damage w/ Shield
Burning Damage > Damage Over Time > Damage > Area Damage > Spell Damage

If you are rich try to corrupt a jewel to get silence immunity.

I should also note that there is a potential to use 3 elemental grand spectrums and 2 mana grand spectrums to get 36% increase elemental damage and 60 mana from each jewel. Still this is expensive and well rolled jewels are better in the end.


6L: Scorching Ray > Burning Damage > Elemental Focus > Efficacy > Controlled Destruction > Swift Affliction
4L: Righteous Fire > Burning Damage > Elemental Focus > Increase AOE (Clearing) / Concentrated Effect(Bosses) (Get an essence crafted more damage mod for a near 5L)
4L: Lighning Warp > Less Duration > Swift Affliction > Faster Casting (Having not tested yet, Added cold may be needed here as another mechanism to chill )
4L: Orb of Storms > Added Cold > Increased Duration > Arcane Surge (Having not tested yet, this may need to change to get consistent chills )
3L: Cast When Damage Taken > Cold Snap > Ice Nova (Immortal call on HC)
3L: Purity of Fire > Clarity > Empower

Lab Enchants:

Helmet: I believe the best here is reduced duration on lightning warp.
Boots: I believe regeneration on hit is best here. (Depending on the sustain of Elemental overload with crit bonus from the 4 power charges we should have, crit if you haven't crit recently might be better.)
+1 Max Frenzy Charge is probably better too, but much more risky in terms of currency.
Gloves: I believe the best here is commandment of frost. (Maybe winter?)

Mind over Matter:

Mind over matter is a great defensive buff, but don't spec into it until you can effectively support the mana pool. I recommend waiting until you select the Walk the Aether Ascendancy, so that running out of mana doesn't ever get you pinned in one location.

Elemental Overload:

This gives more damage to both Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray! Woo!
We should be able to keep elemental overload up with the CWDT setup/Orb of storms set up/ Increased crit chance from power charges.

Elemental Equilibrium:

This gives more damage to both Righteous Fire and Scorching Ray! Woo!
We should be able to keep elemental equilibrium up with the CWDT setup/Orb of storms/Lightning Warp.
Note that because of Dyadus we can't use shield charge and EE.


When I put this into path of building I get about 300k RF Dps (with conc effect) and 450k SR dps (With 6L). (With about 3c gear pieces / 5c jewels)
It's really up in the air as to how high the damage scale here. I'm hope for around 1 mill total dps.


Won't be able to do no regen maps.
Won't be able to do reduced regen maps with bad gear.
Won't be able to do vulnerability maps with bad gear.
Won't be able to do -Max Res maps with RF turned on or bad gear.

Avoid Elemental Status Ailments Maps will reduce damage by half.
Temporal Chains maps will probably feel really bad.


Bosses that can't be chilled will be very hard.
Phoenix will be very hard.
Should be able to do all other bosses.

Thanks for taking the time to look here. Please feel free to comment with any questions/suggestions. I can't wait to try this out as my next character and hope others will be willing to give it a test.
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I have [kinda] this build with dyadus.

I do use cyclone and have dyadus offhand and no RoTP (dark seer in main hand), because chilling yourself by casting spells makes the build kinda clunky (pretty much tried everything from cold snap to ice spear for duration, still meh and a lot of missed chills) and you usually need prolif on the chill. shield charge is on swap. sr is on totem because I need to keep re-applying chill. kintsugi for stopping degen/heavy one-shots and synergizes amazingly with boot regen enchant, acro, global blind, dodge and enfeeble. writhing jar for keeping patient reaper up.

build can do all mods besides no regen (obv) and 60% less recovery is a bit iffy on life (might need to switch to RoTp there or have two writhing jars) when you dont have patient reaper up.
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