3.0 SybilQ Inspired Lightning Strike Build

Hey guys so i was hanging out with one of our community streamers named Sybil and she was playing around on a lightning strike build which inspired me to create my own lightning strike build to see what i could come up with so after several long hours of theory crafting this is the build path i settled on i would love for you guys to check it out and leave any thoughts or tweaks you guys could make to improve also check out her stream so you guys can see what shes all about and tell her Nuie sent ya :)

Sybil's stream: https://www.twitch.tv/sybilq/videos/all

My Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ntnq5eomAk
Last bumped on Sep 3, 2017, 2:49:20 AM
I've been working on a similar build with axe/shield, the below is advice from my personal research and tests.

Just a heads up, on the skill tree, the "x% melee damage" only effects the melee hit, not the projectiles damage, the tool tip is off for dps calculation. The melee physical skill gem also only effects the melee hit portion of the skill, not the lightning projectiles that run along the ground, which is your trash clearing damage. The one handed damage skills or weapon specific skills do effect the projectiles. For example "x% increased physical damage with axes" or "x% increased physical damage with one handed melee weapons" will effect the projectiles.

Wrath effects the damage well for auras but at 50% reserved can be tricky to manage, the nodes above chaos res, knock it down to 43% so you can run wrath, a purity, and a herald, or lower lvl clarity. Managing int/mana is very tight doing that tho. I use conductivity for a curse before I unleash hell, helps the damage immensely, especially with lightning pen gem. Still not sure what's the ultimate best set up, I use LS, multistrike, added lightning, weapon elemental damage, and lightning pen. Going to test ppad, physical to lightning, life leech, faster attacks, increased critical, and iron grip, to see what "feels"/synergizes the best. I think the core 4 are LS, added lightning, weapon elemental damage, and faster attacks or multistrike. I'm focused more on the projectile damage, however.

Survivability is tough, what are your main means with this build? Armor,block, es, and health? That requires a lot of health on gear at higher levels, imo. At 75 with 40% block and 40% mitigation from armor, those big hits from bosses still one shot my guy, his gear atm is garbage, but I'm still experimenting with the build as if I was in solo self found league.

Hope this helps and benefits your builds progression.

Good luck!
yah im not fully certain how high this build is capable of clearing life started becoming an issue elemental rez was super high but without enough health i started to struggle to clear certain bosses though i had no issues running through all adds and such

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