[3.0] IC Elemental Facebreaker Ascendant - Fun in HHC

Edit 23/08/2017: video is coming!

Hello exiles!

Another short guide for 3.0. This time it's going to be melee RT Elemental Facebreaker Ascendant that i'm currently using in Harbinger Hardcore League - you can check InfernalEmpire char in my profile.

To use Facebreackers with new Ascendant subclass(Elementalist and Raider) + add some elemental conversation in ranger area to make Infernal blow or Ice Crash deal 90% elemental and make more dips with elemental nodes!

First i was thinking to use the abyssus + infernal blow and take tons of Phys mitigation to survive and achieve at least 200k+ dps, but after several close calls(it's very hard to use it with multistrike), this very fast build was born:

The build is created around Deidbellow

It is very flexible to adjust to Defensive or to offensive gameplay: You can swap Endu cry for Rallying Cry, DPS Golems for Stone/Chaos golems, you can use Arctic armor instead of Herald of Ash.

so with Deidbellow I was able achieve the same DPS or more as with abyssus, it's much faster and more FUN!!!
But You have to press Warcry each 5 seconds to fluently clear the map!

around 400k+ fully buffed 6L IceCrash DPS with steel rings against single target!(You can check it by yourself in PoB - link at the end of post)



- very fast and interactive - tons of buttons need to be pressed.
- no vaal pact - you can adjust leech and regen in the same time to your desired levels
- 50% elemental reflect reduced from elemetalist - elemetal reflect maps are doable, but do not recommend it in HC
- flexibility for more DPS or survivability!
- permanent Onslaught and frenzy from Raider
- Immunities from Kaom Roots


melee - In my case I think i need a little more mitigation against some hard hitting tier 12-15 bosses
Piano play - you need to press many potions in the same time and use warcry each 4 seconds
Fair build - no OP meta shitty deals

Screenshots and video



swap for extra defense:

passive tree


PoB pastebin

Soul of Solaris and Soul of Tukohama

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