[3.0]Cheap Sunder Gladiator 78/78 Block / 200k DPS

I am think on running a sunder gladiator with 78/78 block, using one handed axe.
Here is the pastebin, only with the tree, some jewels and the uniques. What do you guys think?
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Leveling a character right now, if someone is interested.
Resists and life level look a bit shit tbh. This build is going to need all res on every jewel, or absolutely incredible rings, or, I suppose, a rare shield. Life wise, even speccing Devotion + slapping on typical life jewelery/belt/gloves you're not looking at much more than 6500 at level 94.

Shield is a nice end game upgrade path however, with The Surrender.

On the shit side, you're completely missing the effect of blind with those boots on. You cannot evade at all with Unwavering... suggest a high life/str rare, or maybe something exotic like red trail or death's door.

In addition Outmatch and Outlast is substantially better than Violent Retaliation.

Those two endurance charges for 4 points are begging to be picked up, as well. Very solid phys mitigation w/ 5 ecs + red trail, or 6 ecs w/ death's door, + pantheon stuff. I think red trail might be hard to pass up because it will allow frenzies to be gained/sustained vs bosses for the most part and this amount of physical mitigation will make the bleeding completely benign.

You may also want to consider Soul Taker, which is cheaper than any > 330 pdps rare, at least in HHC. This way you can run Grace + Hatred for even mo armour.

Belt of deceiver would have to be the best option for a belt, all things considered. Also it would seem like Damage on Full Life, Maim, and Ruthless are your best supports. Multistrike + Ruthless do not synergize well, Multistrike is dangerous locking you down for longer, and Conc fucks your AOE too hard.

Here's my take on something practical at level 95: https://pastebin.com/fTrQ98uT
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189% inc from life tree seems totally fine, not sure what you're hammering his build for. I have 164% life on my own build @ 5.3k life and I am able to clear all guardians + shaper. Have not tried uber atziri yet.

With that said, I also have 6 endurance charges + fortify + enfeeble to mitigate damage and run determination to hit ~30k armour throughout the fights.

One thing I question is using a 400 pDPS axe for your POB. Not sure how realistic that is considering those cost ~400 chaos on the HSC market ATM.

Also disagree that outmatch is better than violent retaliation. I don't believe there is a reliable way to generate frenzy charges during a boss fight, and he's already running blood rage so getting frenzy charges on kill is not an effect he needs.

I'd like to hear your reasoning on why outmatch is better, because the only effect I can see being useful in boss fights is the phys mitigation at max endurance charges, but DPS-wise I think you take a hit by going outmatch. FMPOV, if you're already running 5-6 endurance charges + fortify, you should be good on damage mitigation assuming you properly manage your flasks.

I'm not sure about getting iron reflexes. I've thought about this a lot, and having the evasion increases your chance to evade from 5% up to 15-20%, and converting the ~900 EV in BOR to armour doesn't increase your phys mitigation by enough to justify the point investment. From playing around with the game, having an additional 2-3k armour without flasks will make almost no difference if you get smashed by a boss for a huge hit, it's probably going to kill or almost kill you with or without IR, but the increased EV chance makes a significant difference IMO when you go from 1/20 chance to evade to 1/5.

What I'm saying is that once you pop a granite + basalt flask, IR makes almost no difference, and without the flasks, it almost makes no difference so I'm not sure why people always get the point in IR.


I agree your resistances are bad, you also currently don't meet either int or dex requirement to run your gem setup, so you need to figure out how to reach it. I chose to get ancestral knowledge + int from my ring to hit the int requirements for conc effect.

Getting the area damage nodes is really overrated and not worth the investment with sunder because it only increases the damage of your shockwave and not the actual hit itself.

Also, as it was already pointed out, kaom's is pretty bad to run with BOR, you're negating blind. If you run kaom's you shouldn't run BOR as well.

Here's my own build, I have ~200k dps as well, but one thing to note is that this is pure physical damage so there is much less mitigation during boss fights.

I also dropped BOR for a corrupted amulet with a +4 block implicit that gives much higher DPS at the cost of the armour +block chance reduction, but I think running @ 74% block works just fine, and granite flasks make up for the loss in armour. It's barely noticeable.

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