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Hello guys, lqte here to share my 3.0 Starforge AW build !


First of all, I'm glad to share that build that works pretty pretty fine for me, I wanted at the beginning to make a classical warchief lab runner, then my lovely brother, SleightFontaine, who's doing Shaper runs dropped me a Starforge, so i thought about a AW Starforge build.
I looked into it more precisely and the good point of 3.0 is the arrival of new support gems like Brutality and Ruthless.
You'll realize that build is not budget-friendly but I hope you'll enjoy it.


→ Have really huge damage, especially in single target.
→ Can clear all content, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
→ Super-safe gameplay, drop totems and run like a chicken.
→ Can do full man lab carries easily.

→ Expensive (due to Starforge)
→ Totems gameplay isn't okay for everyone


Here is my actual stats at level 83 only (ran full Uberlab)



For this build, we MUST go Berserker, for multiple reasons:
→ Enduring Cry will heal 25% of life AND mana on use
→ 40% MORE damage, which scales a lot with Ancestral Warchief.

You want to go this way:
→ Normal Lab: War Bringer
→ Cruel Lab: Crave The Slaughter
→ Merciless Lab: Aspect Of Carnage
→ Uber Lab: Rite of Ruin



Devoto's Devotion is definitely the BiS you want to get, it's cheap and pretty good.
My gem setup is the following atm:
→ Haste
→ Arctic Armour
The other links / colors doesn't matter, at least for now, we have no use of Enlighten since we still have enough mana to cast our totems and Enduring Cry to get it back instantly.


A well rolled Belly will deal perfectly with this build, giving a huge life pool, later on, if you have a 6L Starforge, you can swap it for a Kaom's Heart.
My gem setup is:
→ Ancestral Warchief
→ Conc Effect (Starforge giving AoE, you don't want to play Increased Area of Effect imo)
→ Melee Physical Damage
→ Damage on Full Life
→ Brutality
→ Ruthless (drop it if 5L)


This is from this awesome sword this build takes all his power, you have huge pDPS, attack speed, life AND Area of Effect.
The point is that you won't deal elemental damage with this weapon, so you'll have to forget your favorite Haste, or either heralds !
You can put your Warchief Setup in this weapon if you have it 5 linked at least, on mine, I have my CWDT setup:
→ Immortal Call
→ Increased Duration


Classic Meginord's belt, cheap, gives flat physical damage, 10% life, all we need
Possible upgrade: +1 Endurance charge corruption.


Rare pair of boots with Life/Res/%MS nothing too fancy here too, later on, you can carry a pair of Death's Doors if you can afford them, you'll have to be more specific on your jewelry research though.
I wear my leap slam setup in those:
→ Leap Slam
→ Faster Attacks
→ Blood Magic
→ Fortify


Priority on those is flat phys, is the thing that will scale with your build, the more flat phys you have, the more damage you'll deal.
You'll still need life and resists on them though, so it can be expensive if you want perfect rings.
I personally crafted mines thanks to the Essences of Greed .


Same thing, rare amulet with flat phys, you'll also need some dexterity for your gems.
The stats you're looking for are the following:
→ Flat phys
→ Life
→ Resistances
→ Dexterity


This is the flasks setup I run, when you face a boss, pop both Witchfire AND Lion's Roar, and let the totems wreck the boss while you're running around him.


Level as Sunder until 28, take unique leveling weapons, switch for Ancestral Warchief at level 28, make sure you have RT + Ancestral Bond, grab a tabula, Elreon's jewelry and crush the game until the end. Have fun ;)

There you go, you're ready to crush the entire game content, having fun farming uber lab or doing Shaper runs, Atziri is of course a breeze, never tried Uber Atziri yet.
I hope you guys enjoyed this guide, feel free to ask anything you need, something i maybe missed, just let me know.
If you have more questions you can ask me in game:
→ IGN: UberLabUntilMirror
Credits to SleightFontaine my brother and CodeineDemonz, a brother from another mother !
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Looks good!
May I have a small loan of 800c in HHC so I can try build plz kthx :P
Can vouch for this build, pretty straightforward, very strong offense/defense. Totem build so not for everyone (especially outside of the lab, you probably won't clear maps as fast as Pathfinders/Raiders). A bit expensive but once you have the gear you pretty much destroy everything, you don't need godlike rares, just 6 links.
LQTE is a QUALITY guy with a QUALITY build ! ! !

N i c e b u i l d !
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█▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ ░ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ ░ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀
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Moridin79 wrote:
May I have a small loan of 800c in HHC so I can try build plz kthx :P

Yeah this is definitely not a starter build xD
What bandit did u chose !?) And what gloves u using ?
This is my current gear setup:

Current Stats:

I haven't gone into the "Executioner" or "Wrecking Ball" damage wheel yet.
I took more life nodes, as I'm playing in Harbinger Hardcore and felt it was more necessary currently.

As far as the build goes, the only thing I had of concern would be the life.
I am making small adjustments such as:
Changed the Flask to an:

- and adding more life to the skill tree.

I plan on getting a pair of:

and possibly adding another health flask.

Thank you for sharing your guide with us, it's been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed playing this insanely powerful build in the Harbinger league.

Stay Safe.
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can you post a video please

I worry about builds that don't have a character loaded with the build on the account...

I've leveled up too many characters on bad guides... Can you post videos or equip the gear?

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