Necromancer 3.0 BROKEN

I spended 50+ hours trying to make a good summoner with zombies and spectres watched many previous build to make mine nothing is absolute pain in the ass. The class desing is very poor!
I belive the devs should remake it to have dedicated invocations instead of just specters that you have to search in some instance. Even in PVP match you can't get the spectres you need. I want a free reset of my character and i will try to get approval of big communuty membres (Youtubers) and others to support my situation.

Sorry for bad english i use French.
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Not sure what you are on but minion builds are some of the most powerful builds in the game. RaizQT got to first level 100 SSF HC using wickerman and SRS combination.

You see spectre builds killing shaper all the time on this very sub-forum.

Granted there are many QoL annoyances, that is what kills minions builds for me from time to from. Sometimes I go a league not playing one =/.
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