Scold's Bridle is bugged with Mind over Matter (deals damage as mana taken not only spent by skills)

Scold's Bridle's description says:
"Your Skills deal you 400% of Mana Spent as Physical Damage"

Problem is when i get hit i take 30% mana damage from Mind over Matter but that huge portion of mana damage is also hurting me a second time as 400% life damage.

Scold's Bridle clearly says "Your Skills deal you Damage" not "General Mana Spent".


So if i have 5000 Life and 1000 Mana and i get hit for 1000 dmg i take:

700 life and 300 mana damage

The bug is that 300 mana damage is wrongly affected by Scold's Bridle's 400% mana rule

so i take an additional 1200 life dmg.

Scold's Bridle should not be affected by Mind over Matter, it's a bug.

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I have tested this in game, and it definitely does not happen - if it did it would keep looping , since Scold's Bridle does deal damage, and that is transferred partially to mana by MoM.

Mana lost to damage is not spent at all, and doesn't go anywhere near the code for Scold's, which is spcifically in paying for skills. We couldn't make it work the way you think it does without substantially refactoring the code.

I can't say for sure what effect would be causing you to take more damage than you expect to, but it definitely isn't Scold's triggering on anything other than mana spent on skills.
you are right ...i did excessive testing and it's working as it should

..i think my problem in my initial tests was that i ran out of mana so without mind over mana hits hurted more ...and i just realized i had a lot of physical resistance while stationary so i was probably moving when testing losing the physical resistance

..i'm sorry next time i will do more excessive testing before posting a potential bug ...issue fixed

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