3.0 Zero-charge Charged Dash Raider

Welcome to my Charged Dash build! I have never made a build before, and I am not a particularly high level player, but I was really happy with a build that I made, so I wanted to share it on the forums and possibly get feedback on how it can be improved.

Instead of cheesing movement speed through using Queen of the Forest, I decided to use the relatively shitty "Avatar of the Chase" ascendancy. Normally, it is difficult to have any kind of upkeep on onslaught without incorporating some source for onslaught other than "on kill". This is especially the case for bosses. My solution to this is to abuse the very cheap "Ahn's Heritage" shield to give me a 100% uptime on onslaught. This achieves a base movespeed of 133%, and a movespeed of 173++ with quicksilver. (Even more with the adrenaline mod on your flask.)

My general idea for this build was to make it have really good physical mitigation through iron reflexes. For this reason, it might be HC viable, but I doubt it.

Pro's & Con's

+ Very high movespeed build.
+ Good at uber lab farming.
+ Decent survivability.
+ Enough Damage to clear most packs in red maps in one sweep.
+ You look like a ghost! 100% uptime on onslaught means 100% uptime on phasing.

- Not enough survivability for U-Atziri or Shaper (I don't think)
- Speed causes a light version of flicker strike dizziness.
- Requires about 100c in jewels and flasks to maximize in late game.


The only important piece of gear for my interaction is the "Ahn's Heritage" shield, which is very cheap, and two "Fragility" jewels, which can be quite expensive. The jewels are the most expensive "mandatory" part of the gearing. The shield and the jewels bring your maximum endurance charges down to zero, which activates both conditional effects of the shield all the time. You get 3% extra max elemental resistance, as well as onslaught.

Another unique option is to use the "Perseverance Vanguard Belt" which will give you fortify while you are clearing big packs and exposing yourself to taking burst damage. I am not using that belt currently because it was hard to maximize my resistances with it equipped.

A 5-link or 6-link belly of the beast would be a big upgrade if you get the currency for it.

Beyond life and resistance, the jewelry should have flat physical damage and elemental damage to attacks to maximize your dps in the late game.

Skill Gems

Charged Dash -- Physical to Lightning -- Elemental attack damage -- Increased AoE -- Melee Physical Damage -- Faster Attacks.

Alternate supports: Ice bite (generate frenzy charges).

Blasphemy -- Conductivity -- Grace

Leap Slam -- Faster Attacks -- Fortify

Cast when Damage Taken -- Immortal Call -- Summon Chaos Golem

There are many more skill combos that can be added, as this leaves many gem sockets empty. I do not use any vaal skill gems currently as I mainly focus on the Labyrinth and your vaal skill gem is drained of souls when you enter the boss room.

Note: In Uber lab, (which is my main focus in poe) Vaal Pact can make it feel very sketchy to run through some of the trap gauntlets. If you feel you need more survivability for traps, I suggest to have this skill gem combo in your 2nd weapon set:

Desecrate -- Mine Support -- Minefield support

Devouring Totem -- Faster Casting.

Before running through a trap area, you can place 3 mine clusters, causing 36 corpses or something like that, place your devouring totem, then start running.

Passive Tree and Bandits

Bandit: Kraityn

Endgame Skill Tree:

Lvl 20 Skill Tree:

Lvl 40 Skill Tree:

Lvl 60 Skill Tree:

Ascendancy Points: Quartz Infusion -- Avatar of the Veil -- Rapid Assault -- Avatar of the Chase

Note: You will get very little satisfaction from the Merciless and Uber lab points until level 67 when you can equip the shield. It might be a good idea to grab Way of the Poacher from merciless lab and later respec if you are ok with using the 10 regrets.


The consequence of having very high move speed is that the explosions appear with slightly less overlap. When you have too much move speed, the skill becomes less effective if you only cast full distance dashes. Most of the time when clearing packs, I favor making shorter dashes. The armor-heavy build and vaal pact allow me to tank most damage, so I am usually in the thick of things very quickly dashing back and fourth.

When fighting bosses, (like Izaro) it is often beneficial to slow down and make max-distance dashed as it allows you to stay out of attack range most of the time. It is also easy to avoid many dangerous mechanics this way.


Thank you very much for reading my build! As I mentioned, this is my first build ever, so I am sure I forgot to add some things which should be added to a build guide. Please write a reply and I will edit in missing information to make the guide more complete.
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