[3.0] Infernal Blow "ONE PUNCH MAN". CHEAP. WITHOUT 6L!! 200k+ DPS, 6,5k+ HP, 10k+ Armour 50% Block.

Hi everyone, this is my first build and I want your opinion/suggestion to improve it! ^^

This is a video at lvl 46 in a map of same level.

- High damage and probably medium/fast clear speed
- No crit based (cheapest gear)
- It works without 6L gear ("Facebreaker" and "The bringer of rain, Nightmare Bascinet")
- High HP pool! more than 6k!
- High armour without chest! (more than 10k)
- 50% block! (this means that 50% of the attacks can't hurt you)
- Instant leech and mana leech (No more potions of life/mana!)
- Facebreaker... this means one punch man!
- Ancestral warchief... this means one punch totem!

- Can't do maps without life leech
- Probably can't do physical reflect maps (not tested yet)
- Probable can't do elemental reflect maps (not tested yet)
- Rare gear can be difficult to cap resistances...

Theory. (And Path of Building Pastebin)

We use Infernal Blow skill, that converts half of Physical Damage to Fire Damage, applying a special debuff to enemies. If the enemy dies while affected by this debuff, they will explode, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. This damage cannot be reflected to us.

We use Hatred and Herald of Ash to increase our damage.

Blood Rage that applies a buff that deals physical damage to the player over time, while increasing attack speed and life leech. Killing an enemy while this buff is active refreshes the buff duration, and has a chance to grant a frenzy charge (that means more attack speed).

We summon a flame golem to increase our damage (15-20%) and place an Ancestral Warchief Totem on bosses to increase our melee damage (8-18%). Both can help us to make some more dps.

We use the classic: CWDT + Immortal Call + Molten Shell + Increased Duration for defensive!

We get endurance charges when block thanks to The Bringer of Rain helmet.

Basically, we can leech a lot of life, deal good aoe dmg and maybe facetank some bosses.

This are some captures from Path of Building

Self buffed, no potions used:
Around 6 hits per second...

And leeching 4k life on hit (instantly)

With Lion's Rorar Granite Flask:
Over 250k dps!

Near 100% life on hit xD

There is a pastebin for Path of Building app: https://pastebin.com/meFrj3cS


I choose scion for this build because I wanted to help a friend.
I think that the ascendancies should be:
- Marauder Ascendancy: Berserker = increased damage, leech and attack speed.
- Duelist Ascendancy: Any duelist can be awesome, but I prefer Slayer because the 40% increased damage to rare/boss
(I need to try if it can run physical reflect maps with the 50% phys. Refl. from slayer ascendancy)


- Help Oak will be nice for the life regen, increased physical damage and reduction of physical damage taken.
- Help Kraityn is another good option for fastspeed clearing maps, this give us more atk speed and movement speed
- We don't help to alira, we are a non-crit build
- Kill all... we have enough passives, help oak or kraityn

Required gear:



Great Old One's Ward

The Bringer of Rain, Nightmare Bascinet

Meginord's Girdle, Heavy Belt

Redblade Tramplers

Complete your gear with rares.
Rings and amulet

- Resistances (until cap to 75%)
- Add # to # physical damage to attacks (This provide high damage)
- Maximum life
- Another stats you need, like dex or int.

- % Increased physical damage / % Increased melee physical damage while wearing a shield
- % Increased maximum life
- Any resistance you need to cap.



Infernal Blow + Added Fire + Multistrike/Melee Splash + Elemental Damage with Attacks
This will be our main skill. We need to put in the helmet to make a 6L skill. We can swap between multistrike for single and melee splash for more aoe dmg. Infernal blow has the AOE tag, but this is only for the explosion until a enemy dead with the debuff, the initial hit is single target


Hatred + Herald of Ash + Blood Rage
This skills don't need any support and there are 3... the shield is the best place!


Cast When Damage taken + Immortal Call + Molten Shell + Increased Duration
This is a defensive setup... all gems should be at max lvl. You can put the Flame golem instead molten shell, and add another support to the totem in gloves.


Summon Flame Golem + Faster Attacks/Culling Strike + Ancestral Warchief + Shield Charge
This add some of dmg. The flame golem adds damage buff and ancestral warchief too, amazing for bosses! I prefer use the culling strike support to kill hard bosses (it can be killed by the golem, by the totem or by your shield charge). You can remove the flame golem and place it in boots, and place faster attacks too for improve your movement with shield charge and the ancestral warchief totem dmg (and more cullings for bosses).


- Major God: "Soul of the Brine King" ~ You can avoid some stun and frozen, more stun and block recovery (this is like an stun) and 50% reduced effect of chill!

- Minor God: "Soul of Yugul" ~ 25% reduced reflected damage taken... Its all we need.

Enchantment (Lab)

The best we can get is an on hit corruption (Temporal Chains for defense, Elemental Weakness and Vulnerability for Offence)


% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently (DPS)
of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently (Survival)


% increased Infernal Blow Damage (BiS)
% of Infernal Blow Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage (Extra dmg)
% increased Infernal Blow Area of Effect (More AoE)


The 26 remaining (all have 123 passives, but scion can reach to 126), you should look for life nodes, resistances you need, physical damage... and you can refund some passives to get more useful stats:

Some Leveling tips

- Equip Infernal blow as soon as possible (for scion is in act 1 after complete first quest "Enemy at the Gate", buy it to Neesa)

- Equip the other gems as soon as posible... you will get them while leveling ^^

- At lvl 8 you can wear Meginord's girdle (Important for facebrakers)

- At lvl 16 you can wear Facebreaker, and can remove the weapon*(NOTE: Only if you have the meginord's girdle or any item with "Add # to # physical damage to attacks).

- You can wear any shield for defense.

- You can wear any armour chest and make it 4L (easy on harbinguer league with Binding orb) to add supported gems to Infernal blow (melee splash, added fire, melee physical damage and faster attacks/elemental damage for attacks, depends of your mana regen. Tabula rasa would be nice... its 6L, and can add Life leech or life on hit...)

- You can wear, for leveling, the Deidbell Gilded Sallet at lvl 42. (the 10 to 20 physical damage and 20% increased melee physical damage is worth it)

- You can wear Redblade Tramplers (boots) and Great Old One's Ward (Shield) at lvl 46.

- Raise to lvl 67 and you can equip The Bringer of Rain (Helmet). Swap chest gems to helmet and enjoy the easy 6L :D.
*Note: You cannot wear a chest with this helmet... but you can wear it for the appearance! This means that chest will not provide any stat.

- Until you have life/mana leech you will need potions... :S

- Look for rare items to complete the build and enjoy like a "Berta en celo". xD

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Nice build im trying out right now but would be amazing if you could add a leveling section!
LeAndroPlayZ wrote:
Nice build im trying out right now but would be amazing if you could add a leveling section!

Added some leveling tips and the pantheon! :S
I've been loving this build so far. The only drawback that I'm starting to see is I don't do so well on single target. I just hit 60 and I need to get the Redblade boots still. Bosses are a bit of a challenge. One punch!
Loving the build! Fun to play and handles pretty fell.

No problems single-targetting bosses
Holy shit this looks so interesting !!!
However before I kreygasm deep into it, I wonder, does it have any viability for T15/T16/UberAtziri+Shaper ?
Videos pliz
Jankkari wrote:
Loving the build! Fun to play and handles pretty fell.

No problems single-targetting bosses

Yea, I finally got the right gear so single-targetting is awesome now. But I've run into an issue with resistances. Finally hit maps and my resistances just dropped like a rock. What are you doing to negate that issue? Thanks!
Tala moana warrior!

Well, first of all say this is a Theory Crafted Build. This means I have NOT tested it, so I can not upload any video. (When the patch comes out in Spanish I will try the build while I see the lore).

Anyway, I'll try to show you how to get the resistors to cover since it is one of the weaknesses of this build. ^^

The resistances issues:

You can get it directly with the jewelry (rings and amulet). Since they are not unique objects, you should find them with a lot of resistance value (+35%) and each piece should have at least 1-2 resistances.

I would do is look in poe.trade objects with:

Add # Physical damage to attacks (this is mandatory)
Maximum life (I think that at least 40-50)
Resistances (search as "Pseudo elemental resistances" and put them having a value of at least 60-70%, since it will be the sum of resistances)

This is an example of ring's research:

This is an example for amulets...

You should find jewels too! (Max resistances in jewels are 15% if I'm correct... but you will wear around 6 jewels! That's so much resistances!!)

With 3 items you can cap all resistances if each item have at least 35-40% of each resistance and jewels can help and provide so much damage!

I hope this will help you!

See you in Wraeclast exile!
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Murlyn wrote:
I've been loving this build so far. The only drawback that I'm starting to see is I don't do so well on single target. I just hit 60 and I need to get the Redblade boots still. Bosses are a bit of a challenge. One punch!

Tala moana warrior!

Remember you will have any item with: "Add # to # Phyisical damage to attacks"
You mustn't wear any weapon, we're PUNCH MAN!
If you haven't got any item with add physical damage to attacks you will need a weapon until you get belt, helmet or shield (listed in guide). Or any ring/amulet.

I hope this help you!

God bless you on this fine day, Exile!

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