TAnkiness probleme with 3.0 freezing pulse CI

Hello everyone , i'm a new player and when i started poe i started with the 3.0 freezingpulse build given at poebuilds:



i have follow all it said but i can't go up to tiers2 map without taking a lot of damage and die , anyclue of what i'm doing wrong or the gear i must lookf for?

here is a link of my character

Last bumped on Aug 21, 2017, 9:11:11 AM
u have really low ES! im at 4500 and just started mapping , but survivability is a real problem. if anyone have any pointers that'd be great
i ve tried to have all res and +maximum energy shield on all my piece of armor, how do you go to 4500+? and what can i upgrade or do better?
Hello :
1- Freezing Puls on staff, Vaal Storm Call on chest
2 Chest is very bad, change to min. 250/300 ES
3- Ring bad, need other , Amulet this same
4 what the hell you have on Helmet ? This is nothing from build, somethings yours combinations, I thing
My advise, one more time look at video and try see the way, there are very good explain.
I play with this built, but use Tharyns Shiver, for me its better
Good luck and Have Fun :)

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