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I just wanted to show off this build that I'm enjoying and making a ton of money on standard with (inb4 hurr durr standard so noob, harbinger is trash and you know it.) It's a windripper build that is made to run shores because this map is better for loot/xp than almost all other maps (looking at you vault and spider forest.) FYI its not a beginner build and I'm not gonna make the guide like one. Lets get into it!

The build combines quantity/rarity gear to make money, and the Pathfinder ascendancy to do damage and gain survivability. Its a ranger life build so obviously won't get as much life as the meta marauder/duelist but it has 100% up-time on the still op leech flask Vinktars, so we just scale damage to scale survivability.

The build wants to focus mainly on quantity/rarity gear and can fill almost all gear slots with these stats, but can also replace then with either survivabilty gear or damage gear,
but the current gear I use has enough damage to do beyond shores in 2.5 minutes which is the best map.
This is not a tooltip warrior build and will never be able to do shaper/gaurdians/atziri, and why would I want to when you can only make currency faster by market flipping or having insane rng in uber lab, and even those don't have as consistent muns/hour. I will provide a couple of options for each gear slot to have options for muns versions/clear speed versions/survivability versions.


Life/Damage Balance Version

Damage/Muns Version * BEST *

Survivabilty Version (enchant is whatever)


Clear Speed/Damage Version - Rampage pretty good, and crit/multi is always good

Big Boy Damage Version - Non-Legacy Version is not as good as Maligaro's so if don't have these,
Maligaro's is better

Muns Version - Quantity is how you get muns * BEST *


Movespeed/Survivability/Damage Version - Have 9 frenzies charges with these on, which is 18% dodge,combined with Acrobatics and Vaal Grace is dodge cap with super little investment which FeelsGoodMan. Use these if you are solo because you don't need pierce.

Surivability/Blood Rage Version - with this corruption you have about 10% life regen without vaal pact, if you run vaal pact because you don't leg vinktars than these are trash. Not nearly as good as the other options for most people

Clear Speed/Party Version - Phasing is really good, and pierce is the best thing for clear speed because of how both tornado shot and lightning arrow mechanically work. I use these in party to compensate for the hp multiplier from each added person. * BEST *

Muns Version - If you play with necro support in a two man party this is the best boot slot.


Survivability Version - This is the best version hands down, while you get quantity/rarity from greed"s embrace you only have like 4.4k life and that's pretty aggressively low * BEST *

Not good version - Don't need links because we skip single target bosses, 15% quant/50 rarity is not a good enough trade off for massive benefits of Kaom's Heart, and it makes resistances harder to cap.
Just overall a mediocre chest compared to Kaom's.


Build is based around Windripper and scaling cold/lightning damage, quantity and rarity, and crit. Can use non-legacy Windripper, just look for high crit version. Can also use an ele bow if you really want to, but then it's not gonna be as good with this tree and this gear. * BEST *


Bisco's Collar is OP, just use it, want a max roll or close to max roll version.

Best Corruption imo, but can also go dual curse and get ele weak on hit gloves, but legacy ele weak on hit Sadima's Touch are stupid expensive because you have to buy curse ammy as well. +1 Frenzy charge is super good. * BEST *


DPS Version - Opal is best, crit rings are second best. Expensive as fuck though.

Survivability/Damage Version - It's pretty hard to cap res with all the uniques, especially not counting flasks.

Muns Version - These are as expensive, if not more, as an opal ring but give you juicy muns. Use these if you are in a two person necro party, but not if solo. * BEST *

Survivability Version - Tons of life, easy to res cap

Clearspeed/Survivability/DPS Version - This is the best belt in the game, especially in build that would like to kill a lot of mobs in a very quick manner to make muns in a very quick manner, and one that doesn't want to die to after death mechanics and wants to have consistent crit. I would say the build is semi based around HH buffs, but might as well take advantage of a mechanic that is super good to the fullest, right? * BEST *

Technically more Muns Version - Yeah, it gives you rampage and juicer quant, but it also super restricts your other gear choices, making you swap some out for resist gear because no HH auras.
I guess if you don't have a HH you can use this, but even then I think a rare with res/life/Wed is better.


Disclaimer: I don't really play builds that use quivers, until this one, so I am hesitant to buy a quiver because I don't really know what a good quiver should cost.

Solo Version - Fork is pretty good, super good for solo because we don't use pierce, and not quite as good for party play because pierce is needed to one shot packs in parties bigger than 2.

Party/Overall Balance Version - A quiver with juicy crit multi and wed is pretty good, not to mention the life and the res that you can get from one of these. Plus one arrows is best corruption. * BEST *


I'm sure most people know by now that jewel's are the best way to get a great balance of life and damage in the current life meta, so we get 6 of them. FeelsGoodMan Best jewels would be ele multi/light multi/global multi/life jewels but that shit doesn't exist so just settle for double multi or triple multi with 1 or 2 other relevant stats. You do need to get at least 1 jewel with ~20 int on it so you can drop a 30 int node because we are super starved for int, especially with 21 wrath gem.


There is a bit of flexibility hear based on crit chance and other factors. I will break it down for you.

Mandatory Flasks

Vessel of Vinktar for Leech/DPS/Res - double legacy attack Vinktar is best (Can't seem to make a trade for one because whole standard vinktar market is locked up tight FeelsBadMan)

Wise Oak For DPS/Res - 20% Penetration, can also get damage reduction if gear is specced to, not really needed with reflect damage reduction stuff on tree and Pantheon.

The Dying Sun for Res/Dps/Clear Speed - Both the extra projectiles and AOE work for lightning arrow (RIP in Pepperoni 3 proj dying sun)

Flexible Flasks

If HH then use Sulphur Flask with bleed removal and Rotgut.
If no HH then use Diamond Flask with bleed removal and Rotgut.
If want more leech and really wanna tooltip warrior then use Atziri's Flask instead of Rotgut, this is not suggested as Rotgut gives like 80% move speed as well as onslaught.

When you use Rotgut you can't just spam flasks, you have to time it inbetween packs. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.


LVL 95 No Leg Vinktar = goo.gl/96Bgfm
LVL 97 No Leg Vinktar = goo.gl/1Ah6QP
LVL 100 No Leg Vinktar = goo.gl/Kmv76t
The Leg Vinktar Tree is No Vaal Pact and pick up 1 duelist life leech node.

Skill Gems


Lightning Arrow

These are in order of importance. GMP is for clear, Ice Bite is for frenzie charges and filthy cold damage that it got in 3.0, WED and Added Lightning for Damage, Item Quantity for more muns. You can swap out Item Quantity for Damage on Full Life if you want, but its not needed damage wise.


Vaal Grace/Vaal Haste/Duration for Dodge and Movespeed, Portal for technically more muns because you don't buy portal scrolls.

Blink Arrow for Movement, Ice Golem for accuracy and crit, Enduring Cry for damage reduction.

Wrath for DPS, Herald of Ice for shatter, Curse on Hit for power charges through Assassins Mark linked to HoI.

There is also the possibility of using Tornado Shot with pretty much the same gems, but I feel the skill is mechanically worse and I think the damage cap (at least for non poison/bleed builds) on lightning arrow is higher because of the power of jewels. That being said, the build will work well with tornado shot, and will have marginally better single target against shaped shore boss and drastically better dps for shaped spider forest boss, but I skip her anyway.

You can also go Belly of the Beast/Greed's Embrace if you wanna go a second 6l with barrage but with this gear solo shaped shore boss doesnt need any more dps, not to mention when you have necro support.

Veteran Bowyer - Natures Boon - Master Alchemist - Natures Adrenaline

That's pretty much it, if you have any question or critiques please let me know, I am enjoying the hell out of this build in the 3.0 Life Meta. RIP ES Vaal Pact, you will be missed fam. Mabye videos at some point, if anyone really wants one I can make one.
Last bumped on Nov 2, 2017, 8:48:28 AM
My build is almost the same as yours. But I use blue dream jewel to ditch the HOI+COH+AM setup so that I can have elemental weakness on hit on glove.

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