MuffZ 3.0 Bloody Bleedin' Build - [Budget] Cycloner

CHEAP BUILD / SC (Softcore) Harbinger League

Hey guys! Due to number of requests for doing a cheap version of my Disfavour Build, this new guide IS BORN! This guide will say most of what my original post has, but I have changed a few things to make it a much more currency friendly build! I hope you enjoy! :)

This build works well for farming maps, killing bosses, and in general fun fun, leech and MORE fun!

Tags are:
Life Based / Physical Damage / Bleed / Damage Over Time / AOE / Leech

Note: This build is not tested for the Guardians, Uber Atziri or Shaper. I will not be testing it for them right now because I changed my build over to the more expensive version. If you want an Uber Atziri or Shaper farmer...don't bother trying this build.

-Easy Leveling
-Fast Clear Speed
-High Damage

-Can get OS (one shot) if not careful and/or don't bring the right flasks!
-Unknown if able to do End Game Bosses

Skill Gems
Main Skill

3L: Cyclone / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack

4L: Cyclone / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack / Brutality

5L: Cyclone / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack / Brutality / Maim

6L: If you manage to get a 6L Body Armor or weapon, you should use one of these gems:

Chance To Bleed
Damage On Full Life

Aura / Curse Setup


3L: Blasphemy / Vulnerability / Enlighten
4L: Blasphemy / Vulnerability / Enlighten / Empower


Summon Flame Golem (Must Have)


Your Leech is your survivability.

Level 1 - 39
This is fairly easy.
You can use any melee weapon which has good physical damage. You can level with any physical skill you prefer such as cleave, frost blades etc.

Level 40 - 60
You can use the weapon you have been leveling with or you can change it to The Cauteriser. It gives a lot of damage for easy fast leveling with cyclone.

Level 61+
Now you can use Kondo's Pride if you have the currency for one. It has amazing leech and will be your final weapon.

Skill Tree:
(Just Copy And Paste Link)

Deal With The Bandits Quest

Help Kraitlyn

The uniques you can/will be using are:

If you want a better chest piece than a rare option, you can use:

OR, if you want to be a SUPER TANK you can go with...

To get more of that wonderful bleed action, you can use:

Carnage is a MUST HAVE for this build. Too amazing to pass up on!


Normal Lab:
Bane Of Legends

Cruel Lab:
Endless Hunger

Merciless Lab:
Brutal Fervour

Uber Lab:

If you are looking for a more expensive damage heavy build, you can check here:

GOOD LUCK fellow exiles. I hope this build proves amazing to you if you get to try it.
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