Are there any viable Vortex builds in 3.0?

I saw videos of some Vortex builds from older patches and i really want to build around that spell but i dont know how. Are there any existing ones for 3.0, or can anyone give me some guidance?
Last bumped on Aug 18, 2017, 8:22:33 PM

That can be a difficult question to answer, especially since you posted it in only 1 of the 7 class forums. My advice would be to check other class build listings and see.

Here is a website that indexes multiple build guides based on main skill, across different classes:

As far as Witch/Templar, I can't say I've seen an updated version. It's kind of sheepish of me to suggest, but I *just* finished writing a guide for Frostbolt that also uses Vortex for Boss killing that you could consider.

You may decide you want to start your own build as well, and that's a great idea! If you do choose to do so, I highly recommend trying Path of Building, a stand-alone desktop tool that allows you to create and min/max builds for PoE to your heart's content.

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