Blight 3.0 MOM / life build help


Im trying to come up with my own build for once and i reall enjoy the idea of blight.

I've come up with this tree that's probably really bad

Using the idea of the 2 unique blight jewels + hieropants illuminated devotion for extra Aoe from the unique gloves.

I don't really enjoy softcore so im looking to make it HC viable. And i really dislike transitioning into CI so looking to stay life if it's possible

Could anyone help me out with some gem setups / tree

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I'll keep an eye on this thread, hopefully someone can help us out, i want to try a blight/mom build aswell! =)
Im leveling it now gonna try a couple of things see how it goes.

Only thing that might suck is just relying on life flasks with no leech
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This is actually exactly what I'm building at the moment. Currently lvl 43. I'm quite hopeful that it will turn out to be good.

Here's my tree (lvl 95):

Highlights of the Build:

-Free lvl 22 Blight 6 link equivalent in gloves with Hierophant + blight gloves. Weapon setup is going to be Breath of Council and Unshattered Will Shield.
-40% MoM with lots of mana synergy from Hierophant nodes
-Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics for dodge/spell dodge chance
-Use Death's Oath for additional damage. The chaos damage aura works with gems now, so you can scale it up to make a significant contribution.
-Dark Pact/Abyssal Cry/inc AOE/Life Leech OR Void Manipulation in boots. This gives 2 ways of doing burst damage to supplement the DOT from blight. Between the Hiero bonus and LL gem, that's 4% leech. TBH i'm not 100% sure how DP will do here, but worst case just pop in another chaos support for Abyssal Cry.

One late-game, expensive option would be to switch to a +3 chaos staff and respec into the multiple totem ascendancy nodes. You could run wither totem + lvl 22 blight on a spell totem (5 link). Not sure if the blight stacks would overwrite one another once capped @20, but I'm assuming they don't. That would be some sick DOT damage between the totem, Death's Oath, and a lvl 26/27/28 Blight.
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