[3.0] Herald Not Auto Bomber

Hello everyone. Great to see that you are interested in my guide. This guide was inspired by old herald bomber/generalTsos aka CuteDog. My main issue with herald bomber and CuteDog build was that it has very poor single target, the only one thing that you can do to fix that is to put VaalRF or Vaal Breach. I don't wanna deal with that, so I decided to look a bit back into old cospris Discharge. This build still have issues with single target but it is a lot better than pure herald bomber. So let's begin.

Path of Building link: https://pastebin.com/D4tmdH4u
Let's Start with some pros and cons of this build:

+ Fast clear speed
+ Great aoe, 39 radius of Herald of Thunder
+ Very fun to play cause of Herlad of Ice shattering mechanic.
+ Build can be played on 5L.
+ Gonna scale pretty good with a Headhunter.

- Expensive I would say, cause thanks to Wanders.
- Leveling with this build is horrible if you don't have Abberath's.
- No elemental reflect map. Single reflect is fine but only with Vinktar's!
- Not a boss killer, don't try run bosses it will be horrible.

Required Gear

This chest is absolutely must have!

This Helmet also required.

Cospris for single Target.

I am using Lycosidae cause my chance to hit is 79% which is terrible and accuracy rating usually cost some money.

Anti ele reflection


Armor: Herald of Ice,Added Lighting dmg,Cold Pen.,Inc. Crit. Strikes,Added Cold damage, Inc. AOE.(for 5L no inc AOE)
Helmet: Herald of Thunder, Inc. Crit Strikes and Damage, Lighting Penetration.
Cospris: Vortex, Conc. Effect, Controlled Destruction.
Gloves: Inc. Crit Strikes, Faster Attacks, Cyclone, Fortify /// OR FOR FAST CLEARING MAPS:
Shield Charge, Onslaught, Faster Attacks, Inc. Crit Strikes.
Shield: Inc Duration, Vaal Haste, Lighting Golem.
Boots: CWDT, Immortal Call, Frostbite.


Optional for more radius

My Current Gear

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Reserved for Future.
So basically it's exactly Tso's (Aka Cutedog_) With cyclone... and a Lycosidae.
Yep, pretty much, I mention it in Introduction section. Just minor changes.

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