POE 3.0 Berserker - Spell Machine

This is no comprehensive build guide, but good enough to tell the idea. I call this spell caster a "machine", because he has not only something like a 7,5l main skill (with lvl 30 spell echo from pledge of Hands and iron will from repentance). He has as well a 30% Chance to trigger all spells from the helmet (Kitava's Thirst) and many other spells linked to "Cast on damage taken" in the Body armor and the gloves. When he gets hit hard, he will leech 100% of damage of live instantly (with vall pact) over 4 seconds. This means that the triggered spells by cast on damage taken will immediately bring you back to full live if you took a savage hit. This Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX28achLTaY&feature=youtu.be shows how to deal with a T13 map boss while going afk to get some coffee ;-). The Video is non professional (sry again). So for the boss fight jump to 9 to qo minutes. For viewing Equipment jump to nearly 12 minutes. The Body armor has not all gems because I recently switched it from another char and dont want to invest too much chroms for the perfect setting again.

Offensive strategy:

- 6L "Pledge of Hands" Judgement stuff (150% Spell damage Bonus / lvl 30 spell echo) with
- Bladefall
- Arcane surge
- controlled destruction
- concentrated effect
- added fire damage
- faster casting
- "Astraments" Onyx Amulet with 114 to all stats
- "Repentance" Crusader gloves (Needs over 300 int and str, but gives iron will for all spells you cast and trigger)
- "Kitava's Thirst"
- Hatred Aura and Herald of Ash

I dont know the total damage Output of all spells. Guess what happens with this Setup ;-) ...lol.

Defensive strategy:

- Life leech from Berserker
- Vaal pact
- Fire storm linked to cast on damage taken as well on Kitava's Thirst to ensure permanent hits. This will close the small time gap between your main spells triggering life leech all the time
- Large life pool by "Belly of the beast" whyrmscale, "kaoms roots" and two times "The Pariah"
- Dont miss to allocate Iron Reflexes because otherwise kaoms roots removes your Evasion without any compensation

Damage reflection:

Damage reflection on single mobs is of no relevance. But when you want to do Maps with 18% physical or ele reflection then you have to make sure, that your leech is always larger than the damage taken. This can be achieved by some of the following measures. The measures you need depend of the strength mix of your current gems. If you do, then damage reflection can be your friend beacause it helps to trigger cast on damage taken.

Physical reflection (18% reflection map):

- try to Exchange a blue Support gem of your pledge of Hands for a firestorm gem.
- Switch off your hatred and herald of ash and use haste or Determination
- leave the triggered bladefalls because they help to trigger cast on damage taken and do no relevant damage to you

Ele reflection (18% reflection map):

- Exchange herald of ash for a lvl 20 purity of fire. So you have at least 79 fire resist
- make sure that you only trigger fire skills and physical skills
- swith off the hatred Aura (you may use haste instead)
- The leech from your physical skills will by far overcompensate the reflected damage from fireskills. So fire reflection will just help to trigger cast on damage taken.

Endgame bosses:

Even since I have a Bonus of 101% to find maps of a higher Tier now I didnt find a t16 map yet. So I dont know how the build works against shaper. But I Keep grinding :-). So far no known Issues from known bosses. Just try not to get one hit, e.g. from the T14 Palace boss. He sometimes hit with a single, very hard blow that kills you on crit. So simply go away before it happens.

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