3.0 Melee Duelist Build Questions; Blade Flurry vs. Lacerate

So I played Euploid's Cospri's/Starforge Lacerate build in 2.6, which depended heavily on bleed and poison. I personally loved the build, but I understand that several of the core build mechanics have been nerfed fairly hard. I'm not a big theorycrafter/math person myself, and do not have the knowledge to calculate changes.

Basically, my question is: For people who enjoy Lacerate/Blade Flurry/Reave playstyle, how do those rank in 3.0 for end game use? Red maps, uber Lab, uber Atziri, and Shaper. Also, are some better for budget/self-found and some better for more wealthy players?

I thought this was a question that might be shared by a number of other players, and would be useful to have an accessible answer to. Thank you very much in advance.
Last bumped on Aug 16, 2017, 11:17:24 PM
I'd say Blade Flurry is still the most comfortable skill. They aren't so much different, but lacerate and reave do get us locked in the multistrike mechanics.
Had a bleed poison starforged lacerate slayer, the aoe is just insane, i'd always use that for 2h melee build
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I know the Multistrike lock is a downside, but I've played since 1.0 so I guess I'm so used to it I don't automatically view it as such. Regarding BF builds, consensus on 1h/shield vs. dual wield?

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