3.0 Build Theory Icy Hot Elementalist

Hey guys so this is a new build ive been working on and playing with a bunch lately it is my icy hot elmentalist it takes into use both the new glacial cascade as well as several different nodes from the passive tree and elementalist ascendancy class to completely modify my damage typing. i am currently level 59 on this build and am pushing for endgame so i can get you guys a full tutorial out on it but i wanted to let you guys check it out. the video below highlights everything that is involved with the skill tree and i will also link my current gear setup for you as well. so enjoy and be sure to leave me comments or thoughts :).
Also i wanted to give a quick shoutout to ivyteapot she is a streamer on twitch and her character is the first time i ever saw glacial cascade in action so she is in a way the inspiration for this build.

Ivyteapot Stream:https://www.twitch.tv/ivyteapot

Build : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0303P-UL_c

Current Gear:

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