[3.0] Berzerker RF No-Kaoms (Budget Alternative)


I've made this build trying to copy Pohx's Berzerker RF.

So here is the gig, Kaoms is very hard to afford, belly is quite expensive as well for a second choice.
I got a Carcass (it dropped for me - around 35c on poe trade) and worked on the alternative

The idea is that you get the +20% area from +26% area from Templar area, with this you run conc. effect all the time with sufficient AoE. Also the curse aura and the +40-50% increased area damage is very useful.


-No swapping at boss, Conc. Effect all the way ...

-DPS is better than Kaoms with AoE (Kaom with AoE 89k- Trash , Carcass-Conc 117k, Kaom with Conc - Bosses 137k)

-Area is not significantly smaller

-We compensate with blasphemy curses for dps and defense
- Enfeeble is sometimes better than the extra health from Kaoms - Lab, Atziri
- Flamability boosts dps by a lot - Mapping (Can try vulnerability/ ele weakness when playing with others)
Last bumped on Aug 15, 2017, 4:24:39 PM

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