[3.0] the zoomzoom soulthirst sunder build

I've always wanted to try and build around Soulthirst and now that build of the week is coming back, I decided to share this


Soulthirst grants the 'Soul eater' buff to your character (on kill, your character gains 5% attack and cast speed, stacks infinitely) while you have a flask active, but when you use a flask or your flask expires, you will lose the buff. Basically, you can only use one flask.

So to get the most benefit from the item, a long duration flask is needed and since mana flasks are the longest flasks, they are ideal to the build.

Since mana flasks will stop when you reach full mana, you need to constantly use mana but also be able to attack, and that's why Soul Taker is used for the build. Soul taker lets you attack even if you're out of mana so it's a must use unique for this build.

To ensure you are always out of mana, we use two Fevered Mind jewels to raise mana cost of skills.

Shackles of the Wretched unique is used to self-curse ourselves with temp chains to get increased duration on the flask.

And finally, to ignore the temp chains character slow (but not the flask duration increase) you'll need Kaom's Roots


6-link sunder

In your gloves you should have Sunder - CoH - Temp chains - Increased Duration

Throw in Hatred somewhere and Shield charge linked with Fortify



You need mindspiral so that you won't accidentally leech yourself to full mana, because that would stop the flask.

Get resists and life on your rings, amulet and shield.

The '30% increased temporal chains curse effect' lab enchantment is a good QoL upgrade but it is not required.


Lvl 85



Spend your mana, curse yourself, press flask and go ham.

coves with a shrine

sloppy strand run just to get some footage

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i started this build today because i got these gloves. can you give a little more detail about the levelling of this character? like how do you cope with the temp chains before level 65 or 68 when you get kaoms roots? and which bandits did you take? right now im just levelling up using infernal blow on an onigoroshi and some levelling items. thanks for your build though! really cheap and interesting

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