[3.0] Crit Elemental Dark Pact Inquisitor (Guide unfinished)

Please be gentle, this is my first guide, and I haven't seen any quick guides to forum post formatting (i.e. having verified items show up here, etc.)

As you may have assumed from the title, I like spicy builds, but this one ended up working a lot better than planned.

I created this build with a few goals
1. Make a viable non-berserker Dark Pact build
2. Make full use of the Duskdawn unique staff, which gains crit multi from block chance
3. Make a build which uses the Consecrated Ground ascendancy nodes of the Inquisitor

Goals 1 and 3 are "non-meta" in my eyes, which gives me a false sense of superiority and makes the build more fun for me to theorycraft.

Goals 2 and 3 were initially connected by the unique ring Gifts From Above, which I had planned to buy two of, providing massive bonuses to crit chance, damage, block (and therefore crit multi), and providing yet another method of generating consecrated ground. This was really the inspiration behind the build. Sadly, I am poor and can neither afford two Gifts From Above, nor can I afford to give up the life and resists of two ring slots.

The reason I went elemental after all is that Dark Pact has 100% damage effectiveness and .50 base cst speed. Given that a build can stack cast speed and enough life regen, this means that it is a perfect medium for the presently very strong Added Cold and Added Lightning support gems.

Disclaimer: The build is currently "complete," but I have only been able to test it up to T8 maps, and have not even found the last Uber Trial. I am a casual player with a laptop and shoddy connection. I am confident that a competent player with stable conditions could take this same setup much farther, but cannot test/prove this myself.

-PoB estimates up to 277,000 effective DPS currently. Actual numbers notwithstanding, most mobs in T8 maps die to a single cast
-Hybrid Life/ES totals 7,000 effective hp (5.3k/1.6k respectively) with very cheap gear.
-Over 10% life regen and 6% ES regen. Facetanking bosses can get sketchy, but most hits can be walked off, even with crap internet connections.
-Large AoE. The self-cast radius bonus is no joke, it's not full-screen but it's more than enough to hit whole packs with good positioning.
-Vaal Summon Skeletons for single target. Because I gain flat damage from supports instead of focusing on life, even an unlinked Vaal Skele's makes most map bosses a joke. Most will die before getting through the pack to you, and the chaining effect allows your damage output to increase about 50% compared to general clearing, plus no pausing to regen life.
-Leap Slam fortify, between a Faster Attacks support and the Instruments of Virtue ascendancy, we have over 50% attack speed. Not amazing, but feels good for a staff caster.
-Only one "required" unique, Duskdawn Imperial Staff, but a good crit/spell damage staff should work almost as well, if not better, depending on rolls and budget.
-According to PoB, this build should work similarly well for many different spells, particularly Storm Burst. Aside from bossing, Storm Burst has a very satisfying map clear and scales well with cast speed.

-No Berserker Leech. The life cost of Dark Pact is no joke, and stopping to regen back to safe levels of health during a boss fight can feel bad.
-Spell echo still takes life for the second cast, this is not a workaround like it is for mana.
-In similar fashion, acceleration and echoing shrines can be dangerous, although fun.
-Elemental Reflect is a no-go. In lower maps, Added Cold/Lightning can be swapped for added chaos/void manipulation, but I have not tested this in higher maps.
-Mind Over Matter does not feel good. Mostly personal opinion, but I had to spec out of MoM during early maps because getting the mana smacked out of me once in a while felt awful.
-Realistically, not all ground can be consecrated ground, especially during boss fights like Izaro, so the large buffs from standing on it can be hard to maintain. Might be worth respecing from Pious Path to Inevitable Judgement, but I can't bring myself to abandon my theme.

Level 84 Tree
https://pastebin.com/6LbN3bxq PoB link

This Guide is clearly incomplete. I am tired and will return when I am free in a few days to add leveling information. I realize the tree makes this a fairly generic crit caster build, but I really liked how it came together and wanted to share it. Again, this is my first build guide, so if you have comments on either the build itself or the current state of the guide, I'm open to making or testing improvements to either.

I don't remember seeing one, but if someone could comment a short checklist of generally accepted build guide necessities, I would appreciate that.
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