[3.0 HSC] Chieftain RF Scorching, 9 x endurance Triple curse build, all endgame bosses down

This build guide is revised my RF guide from 2.5.

Important note:
Because ES are ultra nerfed in 3.0,
Life base gears are ultra high costly, instead of 2.5
So, this build is ultra high costly in 3.0.

*Example, Kaom's heart and RF enchanted helmet ... each 10 ex , ~10 days XD

Why RF:

In 3.0
New pantheon system has many synergy with RF!

In 2.5
Recently, high life regeneration style is not popular, rather than high life leech style.
(I kinda think so, but this is might be my prejudice.)
So, I want to tell "Still, Life Regeneration is not RIP"


Gorge map (Yellow map, has enfeeble,resistance,twin bosses)

Core map, Twin bosses (deathless)

Uber Izaro with 3 keys (charge disruptor, conduit buff)

Cyayula, deathless

Vaal Temple 2x bosses, deathless

4 Guardians, boss battle only, deathless, white map

Shaper (deathless, can endure his stamp with max endurance charges)

Uber Atziri (Uber Atziri's battle only, deathless, but 5 min mortal combat, get Axe!)

Hall of grandmasters (from the half way to last, I forgot setting nvidia Shadow play)
6 min 30sec, lightning exile was formidable for me.


High Tank (about 8k or more Life, 2k or more Life Reg, and 90% Physical damage reductions in Developing RF at Max endurance charges)
High Fire damage (RF, Scorching ray, EE, EO, and Triple Curses)
High speed Clearing map
Cannot be Stun, ignite and bleed.
Easy handling


Cannot running 60% or No life Regeneration map Mod
Unsuitable PvP
Unsuitable 3 or more party play, because this build have high damage, but isn't Ultra high damage.
Keeping endurance charges for high LifeReg and High Pys Dmg Reductions.
Hyper costly in 3.0 (25 ex or more, in 3.0 league, ~10 days)


Soul of ARAKAALI(always)

Soul of TUKOHAMA(framing, Uber lab, Shaper battle.)
Soul of RYSLATHA(Hall of Grandmaster, Uber Atziri, Chayula)

Unique gear:

Farming guide

1 Against Normal/Magic Enemies
Run. Enemies are scorched by RF with dual curse, Sulphur and witchfire brew flask.

2 Against Rea Enemies who have Hexproof, Essences / Unique enemies
1 + Elemental Overload + Elemental Equilibrium by casting Orb of storm, and Scorching ray.

Basic Stats with aura (Blasphemy-flammability-elemental weakness, and purity of fire):

8.3k life, 1025 life regen, 46 % phys dmg reduction, 88,75,75,-40% each resistance

Full buff Stats with max endurance charges and pantheon(stationaly phs resi):

8.3k life, 2500 life regen, 90 % phys dmg reduction, 88,75,75,-40% each resistance,

Passive tree at Level 93 and bandit:

(hokahoka means "warm" in Japanese.hokahoka sprit burn everything.)

oak (1% Life regen, 2% additional phys reduction, 20% phys dmg)

My gear:

Helmet 40% RF damage
Gloves Commandment of Spite
Boots 2% Life and mana reg when take damage

Belt +1 endurance charge
Amulet +1 additional enemy curse

Gem link:

In helmet that have 30% more elemental damage from Essence, but it is not necessary for scorching ray.
Scorching ray - Elemental focus - Controlled Destruction - * Endurance cry (Farming)
*(- burning damage (for Uber Atziri, Hall of Grandmasters))
*(- reduce mana (for Shaper, dealing fire debuff at closed range))

In gloves that have 30% more damage overtime from Essence.
Righteous fire - Elemental focus - Increased Burning Damage - Increased AoE(farming, Uber Atziri)
*(-(ConC effect (Shaper, Izaro and some tanky monsters)

In boots
Purity of fire - Blasphemy - Flammability - * Elemental Weakness
*(- purity of thunder (for Uber vaaloversoul))

In shield
Orb of storms - Increased Crit chance - * Summon flame golem (farming)
*(- Endurance charge (for Shaper)
I do not summon golems with Shaper battle because it moving is eyesore and quickly dead.

In Septre
Faster Attack - Shield charge - Vigilant Strike (farming)

Storong Boss Battle:

UberAbyss battle:
Equiping Saffell's Frame shield and use purity of thunder instead of Elemental weakness, can be easy to kill Uber Vaal Oversoul safety. They are deadly bosses than Uber 3 fighters or Uber Atziri.
Uber Atziri cast deadly spells faster, so increased AoE can deal damage safety than Conc Effect.

Cyayula battle:
Equip THE BROKEN CROWN and some cheap jewels having chaos resistance in boss battle.
Avoid cyclone.

Shaper battle:
The remaining enemies is useful for saving endurance charges before you go to Shaper Area, so should not kill all mobs in 4 arena.
Take care the vortex balls. Onto the DOT floor, this build can't face tank.

Hall of Grandmaster:
Crazy lightning pierce exile are retired in 3.0, so it is become is easy to clear the map.
Keep away from exiles and cast Scorching ray from long range, killing one bye one!

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Two curses on blasphemy with a purity of fire aura should put you at 105% reservation, and I don't see any reduced aura reservation on your gear. How are you supporting this setup?

Edit - nevermind, just saw the pathing into sovereignty notable on the passive tree.
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