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No idea if you still need the feedback but here you go:

Feedback on passive tree

I see you are picking up the increased duration for charges nodes. I'd drop those since this will save you 3 points te be allocated in life or damage. When using a good source of charges you won't be needing the increased duration anyway. It's mostly a quality of life thing. When mapping you will almost never lose them when you run it efficiently (with minimal backtracking).

I see you are using vaal pact. That's great! Combined with a good amount of DPS and a relatively large healthpool, this will help with bosses and the occasional dangerous situations like strongboxes or reflect. You are however not really taking any leech nodes. I'd suggest taking all the nodes near the duelist or alternatively use the claw cluster with lioneye's fall.

Arrow dancing is kind of "meh". Some use it others don't. Most builds rely on being close to the boss and destroying them with barrage or some other insane skill. Reducing the ability to evade their melee attacks isn't really great in my opinion.

I suggest shaving away some nodes in the elemental cluster at the bottom. The chance to freeze isn't worth it. Critting will always freeze anyway.

King of the hill is kind of the same thing as arrow dancing. The crit bonus is huge, yet the knockback can push enemies away fromyour damaging hits. No hits -> no leech -> bye bye life
I suggest trying it and if it bothers you, just respec it.

Quick tip: Moooooore jewel sockets. It's insane how much jewels add. Not only can they have all the stats you want, like crit and life, but they can also be upgraded whenever you want.

(The rest of the changes that I made to the tree are trivial)

For beginners I'd suggest raider or deadeye. You chose deadeye. Great!
Advantages of deadeye:
-Free chain! Ice shot is godly with chain since this causes the cones to overlap.
-Far shot. Great for off screening, not so much for reflect.
-Extra arrow. Good for every build.

Advantages of raider:
-You always have frenzy charges and they are always up.
-elemental status effects won't ever bother you anymore.

You chose the bleed node. Cold damage can't bleed.
Also never use pierce and chain. Arrow pierce OR chain. For ice shot chains seems better.

greater multiple projectiles does not work for blast rain. Change it for elemental focus or something. (can't check for the best setup since my PoB is down)

The ice shot setup you have is only a 4 link. Remove curse on hit and add damaging gems + chain. Remove pierce. Using ice bite can give frenzies but not against bosses with no adds. Using fenzy is an option but generally decreases clear speed and isn't fun to use.

Reserving 135% of mana isn't a thing. Haste for defenses or hatred for dps. Your choice.
Also, for dual curses you need special items or nodes. Normally 1 curse is the max.

Blasphemy + inc AoE is a no no. This increases the reservation.

Curse on hit could work with the heralds. Try it out.

For quiver I'd use asphyxias and vaal for +1 arrows. Free cold damage and curse spreading.

Blink arrow and faster attacks. Thank me later when you didn't die to a slow shot escape arrow.

Too many uniques. Impossible to cap resists and keep a high life pool. I'd drop maligaro's and/or rat's nest.

jewels, belts, rings, amulet all the same: life, elemental damage and crit. When it has atleast 2 of those you've got a winner. I added pandemonius. Might be an endgame option.

Flasks: be sure to make yourself elemental status proof and bleed proof. The rest you can fill with uniques like dying sun, wise oak, ...

Skill tree:

*Note: This tree is a step in the right direction. Others might help optimise it further.*
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