Recently we've noticed a trend of many Exiles sharing and comparing their most dapper ensembles with each other in various. In light of this, we're happy to announce the launch of another fashion competition! We'll choose the most fancy dressed characters and the winners will be rewarded with microtransactions for their characters, physical merchandise including the brand new Chaos Orb T-shirt that will be available for sale in the near future. The grand prize for the best dressed Exile will be to have their character immortalised in Path of Exile history as a Rogue Exile.

There are two categories you can compete in: Premium and Natural. The Premium category allows any microtransaction you own to be used. The Natural category requires that no microtransactions other than skin transfers are used in creating your look!

There will be forty winners in total, twenty from each category. The grand prize of having your look recreated on a Rogue Exile will be awarded to only one of the winners and not restricted to a specific category. The following prizes will be duplicated for each category.

  • Top Three Looks: Signed Path of Exile Comic Book, Choice of an Armour Set
  • Top Five - Brutus Print, Choice of Helmet Effect
  • Top Ten - Chaos Orb T-shirts
  • Top Twenty - Choice of Footprints Effect

For example: the top three looks in both the Premium and Natural Categories (six in total) would receive the Signed Path of Exile Comic Book, their choice of an armour set, helmet effect and footprints effect. They'd also receive the Brutus Print and Chaos Orb T-shirt. The 6th place characters in both categories would receive the Chaos Orb T-shirts and choice of Footprints Effect.

Players who win an Armour Set will be able to choose from the following list:
Players who win a Helmet Effect will be able to choose from the following list:
Players who win the Footprints Effects will be able to choose from the following list:
There are two categories in this competition: Premium and Natural. All you need to do is to take a screenshot of your stylish character, front and back, and submit it in this thread. Skin transfers are allowed in both categories.

Once your image is complete, upload it to an image hosting site like To make the image visible in the post, paste the direct link to it in the post. Right click the image and click "Copy Image Address". Highlight the link in your post and click the "IMG" button at the top.

Please note that this is not a screenshot competition, so it's not necessary to get your character into a compelling pose or take a screenshot outside of town unless your character requires the use of auras and other effects to complete your look.

Multiple submissions in both categories are completely welcome. The competition starts at the time of this post and will end on Thursday the 24th of August at 12pm NZT. We'll post the winners the following day. Finish time: Aug 23, 2017 8:00 PM This is displayed in your local time

Best of the luck for the competition! We can't wait to see your characters.
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E: That T-shirt looks so dope!
#2 Phys Bow (3W sockets!):
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My HHC Chieftain!

IGN: Ayumix
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I'm certainly going to enter the Premium one
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My beautiful Flashback Cycloner with dual Legacy effects, dual White Cyclone on Cyclone and Vaal Cyclone, Runic Blade, Seraph Wings, Orange Portal, and Classic Portrait :>

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Thanks for the stash tab sale! I hope for some more armours to be on sale so I can buy more to win more! Remember to press M!
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Awkward, considering I'm waiting for the purple armour sets from the previous box to mess with outfits :(
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