[3.0] Triple Dot Crit Firetrapper (HC, life based)

Just ripped on my caustic arrow scion so I figured I would try out a trapper with the sweet new Tinkerskin unique. Not needing to worry about mana (with EB) and gaining a boat load of life on trap triggers sounds legit!

Going old school though with Fire Trap, since the new Perfect Agony keystone along with the new Volkuur's Guidance (Fire) gloves, you can triple dip in the damage over time effects (burning, Firetrap static burn, and poison.) Combine that with crits and having your crit multiplier apply to all the DoTs going around - seems like it'll work well.

Here's my tree @ level 90 and the stats. - You'll have around 190% max life with a jewel with life in it.

Get Chain Reaction then Explosives Expert

Links will be:

Fire Trap + Cluster Traps + Trap and Mine Damage + Conc Effect + Increased Critical Strikes + Increased Critical Strike Damage (in that order)

Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Blasphemy + Flammability + Enfeeble + Arctic Armor

Cwdt + Immortal Call + Increased Duration

Trap + Flame Surge + Conc Effect + Elemental Focus

Gear you want Tinkerskin, Volkuur's Guidance (Fire), Pyre, along with a nice double crit dagger and high evasion/life/resist shield (maybe with some spell power / ele damage on it too)

This is still a test/theory build so any suggestions/comments/concerns are all welcome! Thanks!
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The only thing I see is that the burning from Fire Trap isn't the same as ignite. It's Burning Ground (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Burning_ground).
Otherwise it seems really good !
With the way chain reaction sets off all of your traps i don't think that you will get the full benefit from tinkerskin on this. Also I'm fairly sure trickster is actually more dps in the long run. I put some numbers in PoB and came up with about 28k avg hit and 21k dot dmg. However I'm not so sure that it's calculating poison properly. Anyway I'm going to try this build soon and report back more, thanks for the idea!
I dont see Trickster being better overall though it is a very hard choice. Both ascendancy's have very good points. The cooldown reduct, blind and trigger can all be very solid. But the power charges and increased life regen for trickster can also be juicy especially if you get the %increased spell dam per power charge. Hard to say really. Im probably personally going to go Sab.

https://pastebin.com/BF3RGE7b Here is the pastebin for my version of the build. Moved things around and im really liking it. Not to mention that lvling as fire trap is somewhat bearable compared to other trap builds.

Also, the more I play with Perfect Agony the more I hate the node. Think it would be much better to not use it if PoB is correct. PoB says that the node also gives your burning ground a -30% less even though it doesnt hit. If that is all true then you will get -30% on 2 both the hit and the burning ground making the node not good at all. Just my 2 cents so far.
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What about Quadrodippping (or quadrodot)?
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