(3.0) life based ele wander super budget level (noob friendly) WIP GUIDE

First of all I want to exclusive state that this build isn't really my own credits goto Toma_Hawk for the original build however in this guide I want to do the guide for the entry level (white-yellow maps) content and as budget as possible setup while still having decent speed and Damage this guide will look towards helping those who are not very familiar with wandering and/ or not very familiar with the game . As for the definition of budget in this guide I will be looking towards the 100c region for comfortable setup (this guide is catered for a first char as everyone knows what to do if you have 30ex to throw at the build). This guide will also tell you alternatives if you are a less or more fortunate than me with currency generation.

Extra software you should get for PoE

Our ascendacy class of choice is pathfinder. This is a rare choice for a starter character however pathfinder offers great mobility with the nature's adrenaline ascendancy node and the increase effects of flask sub nodes in the ascendancy tree. Raider is also a ok alternative but we will only covering pathfinder in this guide.
You get 2 ascendancy points for the completion of each difficulty of the labyrinth: normal , cruel , merciless , uber/endgame .
The first 4 points we obtain will be used to get up to master alchemist this gives us the immunity to elemental ailments (freeze , chill , ignite , shock etc.......) While our flasks is active , which is always since we are an infamous flaskfinder . With our Merc and uber lab points the choice is completely personal between nature's adrenaline and veteran bowyer. Simply take both whichever order you wish . I personally left veteran bowyer last.
simply put : master alchemist , nature's adrenaline , veteran bowyer .


Well there ain't much choice here kill all bandits for the skill points.

Passive tree

The tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAIDAABeBAcFLQW1Bx4ILg5ID6sPxBGWFHUWvxeWGY4Z1x2DIuoj0yP2JIsknST9JpUqCyo4LR8uUzBbMHEwfDIBN0w31DpCO3xDMUlRSn1LeEyzTP9Nkk4qUUdVS1XGVvpZvFuvXfJh4mJaZU1noG8ncFJ07XXLd9d4-XrvfXV-3X8rf4B_xoPbh3aJ04w2jX2Nfo25jb-PYJUglS6aapuNnreio6TCrJetM7IZt7a4yr02vqfB88M6xSjHnc960B_Tb9N-1CPawd2o4J_jn-dU6NbpmOpi7T_tg-4O73rv6_DV8W32W_1u_rr_EP_e?accountName=yugimoto177&characterName=harbringerwander
This is a link to my current tree so the finished one will look a bit more ...... Well complete , for levelling nodes consult the levelling section of the guide. If you venture past my point of the tree the rest of the nodes are simply the alchemist wheel and the wand wheel slightly above that . The leech nodes and jewel sockets are interchangeable .
You should start off going towards the duelist area then after grabbing all the nodes there , go towards primeval force , and finally head upwards towards the wand wheel at the very top . You can take +30 into nodes whenever you need them .


With this build levelling can feel like quite a challenge without levelling gear , there are also many ways to level this character however my personal way is to level as a elebow character: follow the same tree as above simply spec into the bow nodes king of the hill and lethality doing so should carry you through the story . As for skills and year to pickup while levelling we can use any his skills really , personally split arrow links with LMP/GMP , added cold / added lightning , faster attacks. Seem to work very well untill you unlock tornado shot , blast rain . With these 2 skills you can use the same links as before . But remember to start equipping kinetic blast and barrage to level as quickly as possible. Once you hit A2 you can start using heralds , best idea here is to use all 3 heralds , if you can't sustain mana with 3 heralds just use the ice and lightning herald . You can also use decoy totems for more survivability , as for A4 and golems the choice is upto you between lightning and ice golem I personally prefer ice golem. you should switch to your wand setup for the Endgame sometime after killing kitava or whenever you can in act 10 , make sure to unspec the bow nodes and continue to follow the above tree at this point.

My gear

these are far from perfect but this is realistic gear to aim for
what to aim for with gear

Following is what you should aim for on gear with the stats listed first in most important.
Wand: start by using a piscator's vigil unique wand , then grab a rare wand with : flat added lightning to attacks (you want T2 or T1) , increased chance (try to get over 20%) , attack speed , elemental damage with attack skills , increased % lightning dmg , crit multi .
Helmet: rat's nest unique is pretty MUCH BIS and with the +2 barrage enchant is a massive dmg boost however this is completly optional and very expensive . Alternatively the unique starjonka's head of a rare with life and ele Res can provide much more development however losing defense and speed in the trade-off.
Shield: look for a evasion based shield with : life , ele Res ,evasion rating , %evasion rating an alternative is the lycosidae unique shield which makes your attacks unevadable thus sorting out accuracy issues but lose out on life. Optionally you can also use a brinerot's flag in your offhand for power charge generation (idea from the original guide )
Gloves : with this budget setup we are using thunderfists
Chest : no questions asked Queen of the forest all the way ; look for high ele Res , life , decent evasion rating .
Belt : either a strength or leather belt to give you most life as possible , Res , elemental damage with attack skills
Boots: atziri's step , look for good spell dodge and life , good corruptions or enchants are also beneficial .
Rings : life , ele Res , flat lightning dmg to attacks / just flat dmg , elemental damage with attack skills , crit chance . You can also look for diamond rings and opal rings bases for added effect these are however likely to be much more expensive.
Amulets: life , ele Res( if needed which is not likely) , flat lightning dmg , crit chance , accuracy , ele dmg with attacks , crit multi .

Gems setup

barrage(put this in thunderfists or 6 link chest) : thunderfists version:barrage , ele dmg with attacks , increased crit strikes , lightning pen . 6link version : barrage , lightning pen , ele dmg with attack skills , increased crit strikes , added lightning , ele focus. Or if you are having troubles with getting that many blue sockets you can drop added lightning for : greater multi projectiles or slow proj .
Kinetic blast : (fit in chest or gloves when you get 6 link chest) KB , GMP(greater multi projectiles) , pierce , increased crit strikes or elemental damage with attack skills.
Herald of ice : HoI , onslaught of innervate (gives more flat dmg but less speed and more mana cost) , curse on hit , assasin's mark .
Flame dash:(shield sockets or anywhere really ) : flame dash , faster casting (optional) , culling strike.
Others : (fit in helmet ) wrath , ice / lightning golem.
Vaal grace : Vaal grace , increased duration .


My current flask setup

for the majority of content you can use : jade flask with %increased evasion roll , stibnite with move speed roll , diamond flask with bleed immunity , vinktar's (penetration is what I used but I heard added attacks is better , however penetration vinktar is about half the price ) , health flask with either 50%instant recovery or image recovery. Alternatively you can use wise oak instead of diamond flask , dying sun will eventually be replacing the diamond flask . Quicksilver can also replace stibnite however you will lose out on evasion and is not rly that much faster .

Info for noobs

Make sure to use the sites poe.ninja: http://poe.ninja
And poe.trade for all your trading needs do not use in game trade chat.

Final words

In terms of currency I ran this build as my starter in 3.0 and I was able to sufficiently generate and send fund this character and you can too . As my current character is in the high lvl80s nearly 90 and good enough to take on upto yellow maps , although I have not tried it I am certain that this build in the current shabby state can still take on red maps but maybe not guardian level yet with this small investment amount I currently have . This character setup will take about 70-100c at this stage which is already pretty cheap for a wander finder , the cost may be less or more ofcourse depending on the current market pricing. Finally I wanted to say a big thank you for reading this guide, feel free to ask questions or give me improvement suggestions for this build guide !

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Super interested in reading this, but it made my eyes bleed. PLease fix?
Ty for the comment i have fixed everything now hopefully
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its basicly Toma_Hawk build since he is also using qotf, eva shield and atizirs

what's the point of making another thread then?
Toma_hawk's build is good but I feel like I want to make a more budget stage of the build as his levelling and budget section isnt really too detailed.
Also I am planning on making a more original build guide next , so wait for that if you want original.
sad build lmao
jokes aside my eyes you really need to work on that font and spacing Jesus
First of all thanks a lot for the effort, I am a wander admirer and currently in search for my first char in 3.0 Sorry if the answer is so easy but I would like to understand how did you solve accuracy issue?
Cheers for the comment as for accuracy , you can either use an unique shield (lycosidae) that makes your attacks unevadable or just get some flat accuracy on your amulet and rings. Aim for 85% + accuracy on barrage .
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