[3.1.0 updated] Frostbite Sunderer ele Raider -- Last Version Added VP, This One Removes It!

3.1.0 Update
Sooooooooo VP is basically removed for our build, and to take it would be way less point efficient than the pathing we currently have on the bottom side of the tree. Thus,
I think the best solution is to simply drop damage and take life nodes to make up for the previously lacking defense. The PoB is updated, but the rest of the build isn't because I think someone other than me needs to restructure this build with a new point of view on the weapon. Hit me up and we can work together?

I'm Radeachar here with my Frostbite Sunderer! It's a surprisingly powerful build that can handle a huge amount of the content in this game with style, albeit without Grace *rimshot*. Most importantly, it only requires a 1c unique mace and a 1c jewel to get going!

(this was a lv 76 zone and it was during the brief time I didn't use multistrike)

Let's get into the conventions, shall we?

+ Insane damage for little investment (100k dps single target with Sunder on a 4 link and 3c in uniques)
+ Scales decently with investment (400k-ish single target at max with a Pandemonius and Taming)
+ Freezes everything, chills map bosses.
+ Near-capped dodge chance and 50,000 evasion
+ Immune to even Elemental Reflect as long as your flasks are up
+ Can use Doryani's Catalyst as an offhand statstick
+ +250% increased movement speed!
+ 8 Frenzy Charges!

- Relatively difficult to get above 5k life because Ranger
- Somewhat subpar single target (though this is due to the map boss life changes and we still chill them)

Brand new, updated video as of 8/27/2017! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywI_TvHALzE&feature=youtu.be

Now onto the nitty gritties! While this thread is still under construction (It's my first time writing one of these) it may have flaws, so be warned, but I'll try to keep this updated with tweaks to the character.

The main cornerstone of the build is the new support gem Ice Bite.

By taking the Raider ascendancy and every Frenzy charge and node that increases the efficacy of Frenzy charges, we can hit a massive amount of both base damage and increase to that base damage before even equipping a weapon. So now we have to find a weapon that can abuse both high base ele damage and high WED. Mathil is using Debeon's Dirge but I take it a different way: the hammer Frostbreath.

Frostbreath is incredibly powerful because it does the dps of a 2.5aps ele weapon at the cost of a 1c unique. The trade-off, that you have to chill the enemy, isn't a tradeoff if you're already using the Hypothermia gem, and actually makes it easier to activate Hypothermia than a high aps weapon because instead of a lot of fast, light ele hits, you hit for a huge amount of cold damage with lots of more modifiers and thus can chill even bosses.

Awkward confession
There is a teensy problem with the build. The build goes so deep into the Ranger tree that it's really really hard to get enough strength to put on Frostbreath, which requires 160, or Cameria's, which requiers 212. Thus we have to use the unique jewel Intertia
in the jewel slot across from Ranger before actually equipping anything. While thankfully you don't need this until level 50 when you put on the hammer, it's a large amount of flat health from strength with the jewel that it's probably a good idea to get the jewel as early as you conveniently can in hardcore.

Gem Links

On a 4-link, you'll want to be using Sunder ~ Elemental Damage with Attacks ~ Ice Bite ~ Multistrike. Add Hypothermia as your fifth link and Added Cold Damage as your sixth link.

To add single target, I use Ancient Warchief ~ Ice Bite ~ Elemental Damage with Attacks ~ Added Cold Damage.

You can use a Leap Slam linked with Fortify and Faster Attacks but I only use this (except to proc Fortify) when I run out of quicksilver and frenzy charges. It is nice to have to make up for a lack of quicksilver, however.

You'll want to run Herald of Ice (surprise), and Flame Golem and Lightning Golem are each about equal for the build, with Lightning Golem topping out Flame on dps but only at the highest levels of the gem.

Instead of cursing or running wrath, it's actually a higher DPS increase for less mana to run Frostbite on Blasphemy. So your two reservations are Frostbite and Herald of Ice.

9/2/2017 Update: Levelling with Flicker Strike ~ Ice Bite ~ Multistrike ~ Melee Splash, switching out Melee Splash for EDwA for bosses, is surprisingly easy to level with and sometimes feels stronger than Sunder while you're waiting to get really high attack speed on Sunder. You can start using it as soon as you can use Multistrike; however, to fight bosses with it, you will need to have taken the Way of the Poacher ascendancy point and you will need a second attack, probably linked with Multistrike and Faster Attacks, to generate frenzy charges. But on paper, I was outputting higher single target damage against bosses with 4linked Flicker than 4linked Sunder until maps (with EDwA instead of Melee Splash).


The most important parts of the build are the hammer Frostbreath and Darkray Vectors. Equip both as soon as you can as they are the main source of defense and offense for this build. I personally offhanded a Cameria's Maul for the increased WED and rarity while levelling but you can replace it with any shield or offhand stat stick of your choice, such as Doryani's Catalyst or a Soul Taker.

Another key to the build, though not mandatory immediately, is the chestpiece. Queen of the Forest is arguably the BiS; with such a low life pool, the benefits from Kintsugi are not as important as the increased evasion and movement speed on Queen of the Forest.

You can use a rare belt instead of Prismweave but the "more" modifiers on your hammer and gems make any little bit of either flat damage or WED scale in a very very big way but you do sacrifice a lot of tankiness for Prismweave. For a hardcore challenge league I wouldn't use the unique belt.

I also use Rat's Nest for the attack speed and movement speed. The unique helmet Deidbellow sports similar stats and actually comes out to more paper dps and movespeed but it's gated by the upkeep of recasting a warcry in a very high speed playstyle.

In theory you can use Thunderfist as a pseudo 5-link but the level requirement is prohibitive and you can clear well enough on a 4-link.

Kraityn because this is a build that kind of likes attack speed, movespeed, and dodge chance, surprising I know

Thanks for sticking with me through my first build guide, and while I know this build has a couple problems, I hope together we can come up with solutions to them :)
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Obligatory reserved post
This is a cool build. But since you asked for suggestions on how to improve it in your video here is my take on it.


This is a tankier version that uses Coil instead of Queen. You use Leap Slam to move around.
Damage is comparable (Note that I used kind of weak rares in the build and no jewels so I am sure it can be improved by a lot; also lvl 90 version that can be reached by anyone).

You exchange Multistrike and Weapon Elemental damage depending on if you are clearing maps of fighting bosses (no multistrike for bosses). Why? Because while Multi gives better dps each hits does less damage making it more difficult to actually chill or freeze bosses. In a 5L don't use Cold Pen.
And you want to use Multi while mapping, it makes it easier as it autotargets. Your video was very ineffective as you needed to spam attack too much.

Also I removed your shock shenanigans. You will have zero chance to actually shock those that matter with such low lighting damage (map bosses) so don't count on that.

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Are you still playing this?
I made a character in Harbringer based around my version of this build using this weapon and your idea.
Lvl 77 now, don't have much problems killing stuff. I just Leap Slam to move around fast instead of fast movespeed like you did. DPS is so good I cannot run reflect maps with 76% cold res, life leech, anti reflect pantheon choice and some of that reduced reflect passives on tree.

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Torin wrote:
Are you still playing this?
I made a character in Harbringer based around my version of this build using this weapon and your idea.
Lvl 77 now, don't have much problems killing stuff. I just Leap Slam to move around fast instead of fast movespeed like you did. DPS is so good I cannot run reflect maps with 76% cold res, life leech, anti reflect pantheon choice and some of that reduced reflect passives on tree.

Yes, but it has been vastly reworked since I first posted this thread and I haven't gotten around to updating this while I reroll it on Harbinger league on Xbox. I plan on at least adding new stat trees and gear sections by the end of this weekend. Cheers!
Bump for update! I hope you guys find this build as fun as I do :)
wow dude, look out for your accuracy
u have only 82% at lvl 100 in PoB link
do anything to get at least 90% to feel good or u will alway miss
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What choices for the bandits?
Minoxen wrote:
What choices for the bandits?

Sorry it took so long. School plus midleague plus console means I haven't checked the forums in a while. You help Kraityn because everything he gives is everything this build wants, and the dodge chance is necessary to hit the cap unless you have a rare chest with dodge chance and a pair of corrupted Darkrays.
Hi, how is this build after the new nerf on VP? What would be the skill tree for the abyss update?
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