Shaped Orb for Tier 9 Map vanished

I had two Shaped Orb for Tier 9 Map to shape them to Tier 14 Map. I put them in the Crafting benches. I upgraded my Hideout from middle to the biggest one and i noticed i had the Shaped Orb in the Crafting Benches, but they are not anymore in their. Its possible to get them back? I really need 1 to shape Reef Map Tier 9 to Tier 14.
Thanks for any help.

Last bumped on Aug 12, 2017 11:44:33 PM
GGG wont replace lost items. However you should be able to get them again if you do the map they drop from. Idk if you will have to reset the bonus objective for the map or not, but you can use this for reference:
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