Flicker Strike and Soul of Tukohama

While using Flicker Strike character is treated as being stationary. (As I Know)
So Flicker Strike can't get bonus from "Regenerate 100 Life per second while moving" option.
[Garukhan's Flight Stealth Boots]
Can't get a bonus for 0.1 sec while using Flicker Strike
This is widely known and confirmed.

But when i use Flicker Strike, the bonus from Soul of Tukohama(The Pantheon) is removed.
"While stationary, gain 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction each second, up to a maximum of 8%"
This is bug or intended?

What is correct?
Flicker Strike is stationary? moving? etc?

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I noticed this as well! I find it very strange. Supposedly Flicker Strike has always counted as being stationary, but yesterday I happened to notice on my Defensive stat window that I lost the bonuses from the Tukohama Pantheon buff while Flickering... This came as a great surprise to me due to the inconsistency!

Unless I'm misinformed, the "while stationary" effects of Arctic Armour still work for Flicker Strike, so why don't these?
Any word on this?
Flicker striking (and over teleports) have always moved you, but they do so instantly. That means the movement takes no time, and thus there is no point in time at which you were moving, so effects which happen "while moving" can't apply.

However, the fact that you did move means you weren't continuously stationary, so the "buildup" effect of the Tukohama pantheon power resets.

You did move, but there was no time at which you were moving, because your movement took 0 time. This is the same as why players can still leech with instant leech, but don't benefit from "while leeching" effects because there's no point in time at which they can be said to "be leeching".
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