[3.0]Slayer - Earthquaqe looking for improvements

Character :https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Dimitrii_ss2/characters?characterName=Revilhor

I didn't really have a plan in mind when i made this char, i just wanted something tanky that would take most content while allowing me to using rarity on most gear cause the loot from maps without leaguestones is quite bad ... my first plan was Sunder even with all nodes i couldn't see any difference between having any aoe or none so i decided to go earthquaqe since it's the only melee that looked great in terms of aoe also went for Marohi cause it was really cheap.

this is my current gear

My all resists are way over cap by 50-60% and i'm thinking about replacing my chest with either a belly of the beast for more life or a Carcass Jack for more aoe +dmg , i was also thinking about using Gruthkul's Pelt but from my understanding it disables Blood rage which is awesome for map clear

my current flask setup


My current dmg on 5L : 25k toolpit with hatred/herald of ash ; 54k with all buffs aside from totem

i'm thinking about replacing the atziri flask with a taste of hate when i got more currency (wasted on rolling maps with pack size :/)

for the Skill tree i just went for as much life as possible while getting most of good 2h mace nodes , i have 2 clusters left one is attack speed the other dmg and getting all the rest for hp nodes from marauder.

I would love some suggestions on any good skill nodes left that i might have missed

top kek
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