3.0.0c Patch Notes

3.0.0c Patch Notes
  • Various improvements have been made to world areas, including the Ossuary and Highgate. A larger set of improvements will be coming in a later patch.
  • Fixed a bug where the Kill Harbinger Map Boss challenge could not be completed.
  • The damage levels of Righteous Fire when used by monsters and rogue exiles have been reduced.
  • The damage of Spectral Throw as used by Templars in The Ravaged Square has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug where the Harbinger Flameblast ability was not playing audio.
  • Fixed a bug where Nature's Boon removed the Arcane Surge granted by The Rippling Thoughts.
  • Fixed various bugs with Act 9 boss not showing skill effects after exiting and reentering their arena.
  • Fixed a client crash which could occur when swapping weapon sets.
  • Fixed a crash with the "Lost Maps" Prophecy.
  • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to patch Path of Exile. If you are affected, please re-download the installer and install the game again.

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Hopefully this fixes the amount of damage the RF in Olmec's and Whakawarairiauura Tauhu witch exile were doing. It was insanely high.

Also rip Wicker Man spectres

Also yay for Lunaris fix, this helps me out a lot :D
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