Bladefall Berserker - budget - clear T15 with relative ease, on selffound gear in 3.0

The plan, was to make use of the new brutality gem, and use mana for only defensive auras
and its gone far beyond what i expected, so i wanted to share the build with you,
atm i just alc and go, only thing i reroll is phys reflect.

Its realy easy to get going, once you get to maps, run some jungle valleys for the flora's gift (divination card), for your 5 link staff, then get an essence of woe as high you can get it, best outcome is if you are able to roll cast speed on it.

A good idea when you are leveling up, is to get a 6 socket bow for weapon swap, fill it up with bladefalls, endgame it gives you a huge damage boost with a 21 gem.

Good uber lab farmer
Good damage
Can do most map mods

Phys reflect, can be very dangerous (i do one cast at a time, and havent died yet to reflect)
Not the fastest clearspeed
Bladefall mechanics (selfcast) takes some time to get used to.
Not suited for guardians & shaper.

Asendancy order:
Pain reaver - Crave the slaughter - Aspect of carnage - Cloaked in savagery

T11 - Chateau - Facetank(with damage+attackspeed)

Skill tree:

Links (5): Bladefall - concentrated effect - controled destruction - brutality - spell echo
Links (5): with pledge of hands: Bladefall - concentrated effect - controled destruction - brutality - life leech/iron will (depending if you want more survivability or damage)

Grace + Arctic armor

Cast when damage taken:
ill recommend one of your cast when damage taken setups, to look like this:
Cwdt (9) - Immortal call (11) - Enfeeble (12) - Flame golem (11)

Stuff a flame dash in there somewhere just make sure its not linked with cast on damage taken,
rest of the sockets go nuts with cast when damage taken setups.
(look at my gear for my setups, i havent realy figured out yet whats best,
but every spell you stuff in there heals you + gives you mana back)

My Gear:

Tooltip dps:
5 link (pledge of hands, with life leech)

5 link (pledge of hands, with iron will)

Defensive Stats:

Major God

Minor God


Jewel sockets, you get 6 of them so there is ALOT of damage to gain here, especialy if you are trading, my jewels are FAR from even good atm, but i like to find/craft my own stuff, that way the game keeps its fun for me for longer periods.

A perfect jewel would be something like, Area damage + spell damage while holding a staff + physical damage + spell damage (if you are selffound, life + a damage stat is fine)

(work in progress, its my first guide so will take some time to polish the guide to be more readable)
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How shall i make up for the lack of dex?
I started at level 1, getting a dex amulet, when you get to the shadow part of the tree you will get dex, when i was leveling and getting gear i took the 30 dex node, when you get better gear, you can at some point spec out of it again, but dex amulet, and dex on a few pieces of you gear

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