[3.0] Bloodtide Mace Slayer/Maruader stun up to T11+ 3hit KO T1+ 100k dps+bleed

Soo since changes and being lazy i was thinking for a while how to make use of new gems. Here is a little idea i came up with.

Pretty much good old ground slamer but with extra DPS thx to new gems.

Soo how does it work. Its rather simple.

Ground slam gem gives 25% chance for endu charge on stun. Slayer gives 100% stun on full hp.

Heavy strike thx to its jewel treshold gems is one of few skills that actualy do have decent dps with resolute technique. You should be able to squeze 80 to 100k with 80% chance to apply 8 times stackable bleed for around 5000-7000k each. Rallying cry,vulnerability and flame golem will push it a little higer. KB is still pain tho.

In later game after you obtain tidebreaker you might want to swap to sunder+something combo. There are multiple evolutions depending on what you want to use.

You like sticks goo chieftain foregoing heavy strike for warchief+sunder.
Want to go zerker well you can use sunder with heavy strike. It will beat low tier boses to bloody pulp in seconds.
Or if you are lazy and can't bother to push enduring cry every now and then you can go with juggernaut.

Advices: remove blood rage when doing trials,lab.



Mandatory items

Weapon any maul with attack speed and area of effect.
In endgame Tidebreaker will be your weapon of choice.

Stat focus life armor resistances, attack speed, life leech.

Notable uniques belt of the deciever,


CDWT+golem flame or stone+vunerability/enfeeble,bloodrage.

In chest
Ground slam+multistrike+meele damage+rutless+brutality+fortify.

In weapon
Heavy strike+melee dmg,brutality,ruthless,maim + faster attacks if green.

Leap slam,enduring cry,rallying cry,increase duration,immortal call/call immortal call. You can swap gems depending on map mods.

Bandits: Kill all

Slayer/ Juggernaut for lazy ppl/Berserker/Chieftain for stick edition.

Skill tree still work in progress

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Reserved for progress updates.

I found myself Kaom shoes roll is junk i know that i was going to use end game i have modfied gem setup. Sadly rarity had to go :/.

Should be able to get 5L for both chest and weapon this weekend soo will be able to finaly judge build at near full power. Also i am like 2 levels from using second treshold jewel.

Gear excluding carnage heart is either seflfound or bought for 1c-5c each.


For starter and lazy peoples juggernaut is safest option untill you get Kaom shoes. With Kaom and tidebreaker there is option of using either.

Berserker keeping heavy strike in chest.

or Chieftain version where you put ancestral warchief totem in chest.

Basicaly drop stick sunder things till its dead. You lose 15% fire dmg on totem kill from main skill but its pretty much drop in a bucket.
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Reserved for future updates.

Scion vs Juggernaut

Juggernaut has more overall tankines. Ability to run crit build due to higer attack speed and 1000 acc cluster.
10% more damage from tidebreaker.
12% damage from ascedancy pick.
42% more damage permament
Easier to mantain endurance charges.
64% total dmg more.
Conditional 55% increase while not at full hp. Unlikely outside boss fight or high dmg conditions.
119% dmg increase


Permament(in practical sense) 55% damage from carnage heart, and leech cluster due to slayer ascedancy.
40% more damage against rare and unique.
1 less endurance charge
Harder time to keep charges.
Higer potential hp poll due to scion wheel and more ability points.
30% flat increase from chieftain or 10% from berserker.

105% increase for zerker 125% increase for chieftain. When fighting boss.

This means to obtain same damage potential as Juggernaut you have on averange invest 1 skil tree point in damage notable. For example extra one at bloodied bludgeon that grants extra dmg and leech rate.

Marauder start ascedancy gives 6 points for this build while keeping acess to scion life wheel and not counting for extra points from ascedancy itself. Considering above you have 9 points to close gap bewen juggernat and yours defences.
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Geting around reflect:

Elemental well not an issue.

Physical: Unplug some gems use ground slam Use bleed gem. DO NOT USE HEAVY STRIKE 50% reduction seem to be calculated in some odd way resulting in one shot reflect on proc. Poke mobs with ground slam leting bleed do the job.

Elemental solution(warrning untested): Level glacial hammer gem with elemental attack damage in side slot. Replace vunerability with frostbite. Replace brutality with elemental attack, use life leehc in sixth slot, swap one of gems with multisrike gem from groundslam. Combine with winter burial gems instead of heavy strike. DPS will propably suck due to lack of penetration but better than being dead right?

Possible solution might also be using Hirmnor's dirge in swap slot with glacial hammer and jewels. Then puting warchief in cheest piece.

Totem solution: Replace heavy strike with warchief totem not sure how efficient it would be due to lower totem life.
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Added bit gem quality here and there over weekend soo now bosses up to T11 maps are stunable with meager 4L.

Flask setup

I have 2 life flasks but want to put one onslaught flask and one life flask in last two slots. I run elemental reduction flask instead of runspeed when unsure if can tank dmg on add dmg maps.

Overflowing chalice with belt bonus solves problem of no run speed on shoes. 3 uses of flask are enough to get to next pack.
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Did some testing in builder and poe trade 6L with q20 gems will give aprox 100k dps not counting bleed and slayer ascedancy. Usining enfeeble instead of vulnerability and with stone golem.

Some top of the line gear should push hp to around 6900-7000hp.

Build was updated vaal slam was removed to allow dual warcry or ec immortal setup.
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