[3.0] Critique Request | The Necro Tank | 1.5K Strength Necromancer

Build: (link shortened because long PoE Planner link) https://tinyurl.com/ybzwho5k

I've only been playing the game for 4 days now, and I built this from scratch so Im sure there are problems. This build is meant to be highly effective and very survivable, but I'm not trying to make it "The World's Greatest Build" - I want it to be as effective as it possibly can while empowering my desired play-style:

- Lazy (Cast a few Auras, let the zombies do the heavy lifting)
- Simple (Dont have to worry about accumulating charges, perform fancy combos, etc)
- Tough (Dont get 1-shotted by Act 7+ bosses)

Basically I want to buff the zombies to hell with auras + support gems and use spells mostly focused on keeping myself safe while they do all the work. Maybe pour in some extra damage with offensive spells when I want to speed things up. I plan on using a healing totem + healing golem for some life support, but I'd be happy to have some tips on other defensive / regen spells or support gems I can use.

Any suggested improvements also appreciated.
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