[3.0] Dark Pact Occultist - 2.1m DPS Low Budget


Getting Started

This guide will go over my 3.0 Dark Pact Occultist build. It's designed to be cheap, and effective for all bosses and maps currently in the game. The total price of the required uniques is 18 Chaos, with potential to include more expensive options. A lot of it was theory crafted inside Path of Building, and i'll include a pastebin link.

Pros and Cons

- Cheap
- Fast Clearspeed
- Decimates Bosses
- Can do most mods
- Easily hits 1 million DPS

- Difficult to level
- Hexproof wrecks you
- Not Hardcore Viable
- Needs a high level to reach full potential


This build requires a minimum of two uniques, however the Atziri flask is really helpful earlier on when you don't have enough damage to stay at max life via leech.

Update 8/10/17

It appears most witch based Dark Pact builds are hitting a wall in later maps because of the difficult bosses. 90% of my boss deaths are due to chain stunning and there isn't many options to avoid this so I've picked up swapping into these to avoid stuns; and they offer a good damage and life boost to 'boot'.

Required Uniques

Total Price - 18c





Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion > Void Beacon > Forbidden Power

Ascendancy Discussion

I prefer this variant because it provides boss Power Charge generation as well as great defensive capabilities. You can however get Malediction instead of Vile bastion if you want a big DPS boost. Personally I don't think this build needs anymore dps so I went to the defensive side of the Ascendancy.

Kill All


Main Link

Map clearing swap out with Conc Effect


Add Enlighten when you can afford


Make sure Arcane surge is lower level to be triggered by Flame Dash

Wither Totem

Immortal Call
Use this on a Weapon Slot


You can also add an Enlighten + Discipline once you have an enlighten on your curses


T12 Unid Corrupted Vault

Path of Building Damage
With only the 4 Unqiues Equipped. Easily hits 2M once you have Life gear on.

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This looks terrible bro. Drop Dark Pact for Vaal Glacial Hammer.
I'll make that cast on death too, literally one shot shaper.
Added a Video. Currently progressing smoothly through maps
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Build looks cool, excited to try it out. Thanks!
I've changed the tree a bit, and added a suggestion for Kaom's Roots. Late tier bosses are proving difficult due to stunning and the boots are a great swap.
Hi there, a couple suggestions for your tree:

Drop the 4 points in Corruption, take the 4 points in spell power at witch start, freeing up two points in pathing (+2 points, +3% increased damage - Dark pact is a spell)
Path from Written in Blood to Coldhearted Calculation, unspecing the two points connecting up Trickery (+1 point)
You are running blood magic on your main skill, Quick recovery becomes less useful (less than 5% per node) I would drop those three points and place the 6 points i have recovered into Blood Drinker and Fangs of the Viper (so far for zero points change you have +6% life, +23% increased damage, +5% ES)

Also, you have used 3 points to pick up power charges twice - each charge giving you 40% crit chance and 4% increased damage - drop at least 1 of those and take the 2 20%crit chance nodes and a 10% spell damage node (Templar start) and you have made a net positive. 3 points for a power charge is probably not worth it.

I then feel that the connection between the witch start, the outer ring and the templar AoE nodes is a bit wasted - but would need to add points to better utilize.

I realize that you dont want to add jewel nodes due to cost - but you have 3 within 2 points and they would be your next big boost to damage
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All wonderful suggestions, I saw the Coldhearted Calucation pathing error earlier and haven't got the chance to update the tree on here. I probably will be picking up jewels the further I go on, but i'm focused on seeing how far I can take it as cheap as possible. Corruption did feel a little wasted to me as well as the pathing to the power charge near templar start. I'll be playing with and using your suggested changes as they all improve the build. I'll update here in the next couple hours or so after I play around with your suggestions, and see what else I can do to improve the build. Thanks man!

EDIT: Played around with your suggestions. Picking up jewel sockets seems to be the best way to head now with the improvements to the tree as well as dropping a power charge.
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Hi!~ I'm really interested in your build, but i was wondering why don't you use minions instead of using your own life? I found it a bit off, since minion are a great meat shield and advantage...
Wouldnt it be good to get MoM and EB on this build? Makes the ES you have a lot stronger.

Also why not use heretic viel and use 3x blasphemy curses.

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