Why do summoners lose all their spectres in 1v1?

Seriously, who the fuck decided to disable a main skill in a 1v1? No other class gets their skills outright disabled in pvp.
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That's a good point, I'd suggest to grant all minions immunity to damage on pvp arenas.

The game had a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.
I'm not even complaining about them getting killed. I'm complaining that they literally disappear as soon as a match begins in 1v1 PVP
preparation time should be longer, so you can make corpses and raise spectres and zombies. even non minion builds have hard time to cast all their auras before fight.

Making preparation time longer would be boring for those who can just rush into battle, so allowing all auras and minions to remain when enetering 1v1 like entering arena would be better option.

Maybe summoner would be op then, but bear trap + archer is op already so..

also off topic: why pvp only characters cant have respecs for free?
This is a huge problem in pvp
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