[3.0]Tri/Quad Curse Max AoE Dark Pact Occultist

My Current Skill Tree

Video of a T6 map

Video if a T7 Map

you can also look up my Gear: HSC_ChaosBolt

6L Carcass Jack:
1. Increased AoE/Conceffect (depending on tankyness of enemies)
2. Voidmanipulation
3. Controlled Destruction/SpellEcho (Spell Echo only for rare encounters)
5. Added Chaos
6. Dark Pact

I use 2 Blight Jewels for the increased Hinder Effect (80% + Temporal Chains) sometimes for blue Packs or Bosses:

2x Spreading Rot

My Skell Bro Totem Setup:

2x Apeps Rage for more Chaos!

Random Rings& Amulets (alot of resistance + Life + Str/Dex are Welcome!, also Mana and Mana Regeneration!):

This is my Current Build but my Links need to be optimized!
i Wish i had a Carcass jack with 5B 1G so i could switch out lesser Poison for SpellEcho => more DPS

3,1k HP are super low so i really need to fix my HP too!
but right now to T12 it is not a problem!

Really Good Build for Clearspeed!

PS: The Alpha's Howl can Enable the 4th Curse if i ever get another +1 Curse :D

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