Can someone comment my Arc 3.0 build

im new in game and i wanted to create something by myself
i dont know mechanics of game too good so dont be to rough for me

pls add in my post opinions, suggestions or feel free to remake my build and give link to it with description

thx for good comments and thx for trolls for leaving this topic
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Your tree uses too many passive points and does not have enough life. It's usually good to aim for about 110 point tree, which is about level 90. Scion gets some extra points, so scion tree could be about 114 point tree. Also don't necessarily build with the plan of doing uber lab.

Here's something I quickly came up with:

The 4 link setup would probably be arc, spell echo, lightning penetration, increased critical strikes. For 5 link probably add crit damage, or added lightning or something.

Auras would be clarity and wrath.

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