[3.0SC Berserker - Siege Ballista] Aggnog's Ballistic Commander

Guide in hiatus for now
Full pastebin meanwhile https://pastebin.com/QpPFZT1y

This is my starter for harbinger league. Siege ballista is a skill I play every league but almost exclusively poison-based and now with the removal of double dipping which makes elemental the only choice for it I thought it would be a good time to try that variant and make a guide for it.

There are very few changes to siege ballista in 3.0 but they are quite significant.

The first is that the Damage on Full Life gem can now be used for non-melee attacks and as you know from warchief builds this gem is very strong and as a totem build it's not very difficult to make use of it.

The second change is the buff to Death's oath which is now the #1 chest for this build. It had 70 life added to it which makes it top tier along with its 50 all stats and 15% attack speed. The stats help with int requirements, hp and for iron commander synergy. The downside to the chest - 450 chaos damage per second for 3 seconds on kill - does not apply with this build since your totems get kill credit, not you.

Key stats
5-6 totems
5k life
150k dps per totem (on my harbinger character)
Up to 600-700k dps per totem with league attainable gear
Unique heavy build - only requires rare belt/amulet/rings/boots leaving you with less things to buy
Not the safest build - requires good mobility and totem positioning in some cases

Gear on harbinger sc

Gem links
6th link is undecided and a lot of things can be used here


Other links wherever you can fit them :
CWDT/IC/Incduration/vaal haste setup
Golem - ice or lightning whichever you prefer
Auras - Wrath + optional HOL or arctic armour

Passive tree
Lioneye's fall is used in the socket next to resolute technique

Will be posted later
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Skill tree seems to be broken.
Is this going to be continued? You don't have a character with that build anymore.
Starbuckz42 wrote:
Is this going to be continued? You don't have a character with that build anymore.

Maybe later in the league. Getting the right gear ended up being really expensive because of how popular bow builds are right now. I'll add the full POB profile for people to work around if they are interested. The build does work and at most you lose one totem from a lack of dex compared to what is ideal.
Does it work with ranger?

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