[3.0] Ele Charged Dash Zerker (WiP-Sorta low budget)

Hey guys I'm currently working on my second build guide here so bare with me :)

First of all, you might not know it but charged dash is clunky to use. It's not your typical melee spell. It kinda acts like blade flurry in a sense but you are not dealing any damage before you release your mouse bouton. This means that the longer you hold it, the longer you won't leech. (= death or close to it, so i won't recommend this as a HC build at all, not as a zerker at least)

We all know why we play berserker, we want to deal big damage! AND this build sure does, I don't really know how other current build fairs but thid one has no trouble clearing most of the content. (lvl89 atm T14 maps cleared trying to head to guardians and shaper) Atziri nm was a joke it wasn't even funny.

Like I said this is a work in progress, so i'll be editing this guide along the way.

Video Showcase :

The quality is terrible for some reason.

Mandatory Gear for late game :


My current gear and what the would target as a end game gear :


So why Brain Rattlers, are you telling me? Well here's why : Charged Dash has a 50% phys to lighting conversion. So this means we can reach 100% lightning damage without the use of a phys to lighting gem. This means a huge boost in our damage.

Gem/link Setup :

As a reminder my current gem setup is not optimized. What I would recommend is Charged Dash + Melee Phys + elemental damage with attacks + ruthless + Faster attack + ele focus and swapping it for conc effect for bosses.

Your other stapple links should be :

leap slam + fortify + faster attack
Hatred + Herald of Ash OR Blasphemy punishment + Herald of Ash Combo
If you want maximum dps on bosses I would recommend Hatred + HA and using punishment manually but i'm kinda lazy so i'm using blasphemy punishment.
Acentral warchief or protector totem gem.
Cwdt + Immortal call + blood rage + flame golem setup

Tree :

My actual Tree :

Leveling Tree:

Tree should look like this until you reach the first ascendancy :


then reaching the second ascendancy :


You should try to get vaal pact when you get the 3rd ascendancy :


And lastly this is the end game tree :


If you want more information you can check out my stream : https://www.twitch.tv/hanguk49
I don't talk much but i will answer any questions you might have in english or french

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Looks like a nice build ! Definitly have to try it out !

Will this work with an other weapon ?
yes it will (I used a 300pdps weapon while getting brain rattler), but you'll need brain rattler if you want to reach 2M+ dps in theory.

Kondo's pride is a decent sword too whilst you try to get enough currency
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What bandits have you gone for?
Navarros wrote:
What bandits have you gone for?

Kill all, to get 2 Passives. I don't think any of the bonus where worth it.
Can I ask how you deal with elemental reflect on the map? I made my own charged Dash build with 100% elemental conversion and frequently end up with severe reflect issues.

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