[3.0] [WIP] Dark Pact self cast berserker

I have noticed most people are struggling with their own dark pact builds so I've decided to put this here for reference.

My current Gear

For my gear plans, i plan to use a vinktar's flask with added damage to spells for extra leech and shock.Change cherubim for kaoms heart(maybe).upgrade my jewelry of course and use bisco's collar.

Cherubim provides more damage and life than carcassjack ,belly or kaoms will be more defensive options. Other weapon options is a good rare wand, apep's rage or breath of the council.

My current tree

Planned level 90 tree

Gems & Links
Dark Pact - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos - controlled destruction - crit strikes/crit damage - inc aoe / conc effect
blasphemy - assassin's, mark herald of ice, articarmour
Swap the crit gem for a spell echo if not crit based or not using PoH staff.

Personally the aoe of dark pact is more than good enough for me personally so i dont prioritise inc aoe link. for my 6th link i will use inc aoe to swap into conc effect for boss fights. you can use inc aoe/conc effect earlier if you prefer. conc effect is the best gem for damage.

My thought,opinions and experiences with the skill

Poison: Currently poison requires a lot of investment into ailments for it to be good. and it has poor synergy with dark pact. poison requires stacking to be good and dark pact only hits one time per cast draining 6%life per cast as well.
Sustain: I struggled against bosses earlier with the skill its best to use something else for leveling until you have enough damage to comfortably leech with dark pact. Spell Echo second cast still removes 6% life so it is NOT a free cast. If you have difficulty leeching/sustaining the skill use another damage gem instead of spell echo first.
VP vs normal leech: As a berserker is think vaal pact is a no-brainer especially if going crit and it does feel a lot better after i got it.
Someday, someone will best me. But it won't be today, and it won't be you.
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