120000 DPS Dual Wield Duelist Build (Path 3.0)


skill tree https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAQCAAHcAecFLQaLCVgKJg5DEPAR1RQgFE0UcRXsGJEaVRuqIOMhYCgqKaUuUzGeMgk1kjXvNug64TrtPfxDMUSeRmlHfk3jUEdTu1eXWK9aGl8_X9pgQWMXY3BlTWeAaGVsRmzYbbRvJ287cmx07XTxdqx343gNeu982YE6gUGCB4TZhVKI7Yrwi0-Mz49gl3maapstm2qezZ_LplenMKgHqW6tjbXyuR28n702vni-p7_VwBrBB8GLwzPEgsqQzV_PftIh02_T_Nd-2L3ZYdl82sHbp-Hv5FHpRuoY7nrvDvJB8kXyWvPd9kj3Mvjr-hj8S_4K_o8=?accountName=nyllet45&characterName=andreas_thunder
Last bumped on Jan 29, 2018, 7:05:39 AM
Looks interesting. Were you able to do endgame content like the shaper? Also what bandit did you chose?
He helped Oak.
Build is not bad, enjoying it so far.
A bit lacking survability or simply my items and/or level aren't that great, maybe should switch to rares instead of uniques.
Currently having trouble with the 3rd lab boss due to all mess around me and squishiness.
Mapping is fine, but haven't done antying beyond T4, new player here.
fun so far still trying to get better gear I've taken it to T10 and done uber lab all at lvl72 im not having much luck with red maps dropping so haven't had a chance to test over T10
how the heck do you get the paste bin for this?
Hey, liking this build because it's flexible and you can use it in SSF easily. Thought that maybe you could improve it by using axes instead of swords, since swords have crit/precision implicits thats do not synergize with resolute technique. I use Wings of Entropy and turns out it's really good with Might and Influence.

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