[3.0] Essence Drain and The Consuming Dark dagger??


I am unsure if the Consuming Dark dagger still works with ED because I can't really see if my Chaos damage poison or not. Also all spell damage has been removed from the dagger.
My char name is HanSoloWitch
If there is a better wand / dagger to use, what would that be??

Last bumped on Aug 9, 2017, 2:33:57 PM
Yeah it works with ED, and Dark Pact.

Only reason I'd use it is for binos in second hand for a trickster/scion build for that regen and insane increased recovery making your health zip right back up while you kite. Would be nice for uber lab.

Tried that new dex support gem that ramps up damage for each stack of poison but really didn't notice anything too special. Maybe good for dark pact skeletons zerging a boss' health down but that's all.

Other than that there's no good reason to use it now.

If I were you I'd just stick with breath of the council and proly a good spirit shield.

Thx for the suggestion regarding new weapon. Work perfectly. :)

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