Reave or similar in 3.0?

Hey all,

I've always enjoyed playing Reave as my main and really liked playing with a variation of this build before 3.0. I'm coming back from something of a break and I'm not really liking the looks of a lot of the popular builds floating around, and without the sticky list being updated, I'm looking to the community for a little help.

Would following along with that build still be viable? Does Reave even benefit from using a stat stick anymore, or has dual wield been 'fixed' with 3.0?

If Reave is no longer a useful skill, could anyone suggest something similar that would work as a league starter for me? I've also played Flicker and Trappers in the past, though I'm really not feeling the FNM builds and Flicker seems to be a rich man's game these days. I'm not necessarily tied down to playing Shadow either, that's just the section of the tree that I know best.

Last bumped on Aug 19, 2017, 5:34:55 PM
Why not trying a Lacerate Slayer build ? It's great DPS and seems a bit like Reave ! You can check on Slayer forum, you should find some build there !

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