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Last bumped on May 2, 2023, 2:39:38 PM
I'm like 99% sure this doesn't work with scorching ray (i.e. boosts the damage that scorching ray deals), but can anyone confirm this does or doesn't work with scorching ray?
Flat damage has never worked with Damage over Time now or in the past, so neither will Immolate :p
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does this include RF.?
does this include RF.?

Monsters affected by Righteous Fire are considered Burning, yes (RF deals Burn Damage). Being Damage over Time, RF cannot benefit from Immolate.
There's no tooltip interaction, which makes it a measure difficult to really observe the effects of the gem...

Is is supposed to be "hits with supported skills deal added fire damage against burning enemies" or "supported skills that hit enemies deal extra fire damage against burning enemies"? Does it matter how I write it anyway, if the game only works in a singular fashion?

Option 1: "hits with..." (Blade Vortex Base + Extras) * Blade Vortex multipliers + Immolate
Option 2: "supported..." (Base Damage + Extras + Immolate) * Blade Vortex multipliers

I assume it's just the second option, everywhere in the game. I don't know about any sources of damage that work around the skill gem multiplier for better or worse, anywhere. But I'm not a veteran.

I'm thinking about this with easy enablers like Fire Trap. I've been grinding up a Blade Vortex Ascendant and fat flat damage boosts sound like they might work nicely with the skill. How much more over other options, I have no idea, but while Ice and Lightning have added damage gems, Fire does not.

Given that Blade Vortex removes 70% of added damage, I'm having a tough time seeing if it even works, and how much so anyway. Just finding the right place to test, making sure my gear and other abilities aren't getting in the way, etc. is a pain in the rear to say the least.

So let's start there, huh? Get the tooltip interaction in there, will ya?

Even my unique Dusktoe boots have the benefit of showing added chaos damage in the tooltip while I'm using a flask. Why doesn't this support gem?
Diamondragan wrote:
Even my unique Dusktoe boots have the benefit of showing added chaos damage in the tooltip while I'm using a flask. Why doesn't this support gem?

Because it's pretty easy to tell whether or not you are benefiting from a Flask, but the game absolutely cannot know whether you will be hitting a Burning enemy in the future or not.
But the "in the future" part IS possible. All they have to do is write it into the skill description and do the math for you in a clear manner.

"Deals X additional fire damage against burning targets", with the X modified depending on the rules enforced with that gem. It shouldn't be added to the tooltip DPS, since it's conditional, and that detail can be written in to ALT-text (conditional damage effects not included in tooltip damage).

Something is clearly better than nothing, and without a clear disparity between the damage and the added fire damage it becomes shrug-worthy whether or not the gem is doing (or is supposed to do) anything at all.
Anyone knows the best use of this support gem? I tried it with my incinerator but investment in chance to ignite from tree/gears or combo it with chance to ignite support gem did not feel better than simply wands with flat fire dmg + ele focus sup gem. Dont think it will work better with totems or fireball or firestorm, again cuz of the investment i wrote about.
Ofc i could be wrong, didnt try to do the math.
In general i think this gem needs to be able to apply its bonus on burning enemies no matter the factors > hit or not. If it works with scorching ray, fire trap or Rf /esp when RF will get its nerf on ROTF/ i think it would be much better and useful gem.
I may miss something, but imo this gem needs a buff or will be useful for i dont even know which 2-3 builds.
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
It's amazing for any Elemental Crit build. Ignites come free with Crits, and Immolate grants an enormous assload of Damage.

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