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I have been playing PoE for 2 years now and I'm very happy to see the game getting controller support ( I am saying controller support and not console release yes....I would be happier for controller support for PC ).

Nonetheless, we know that the 2 versions of the game will run separate and might have differerence in balance and other major parts of the game. This brings up some questions to me as a person who plans to buy an Xbox just to play this game with native controller support.


* Some players on PC have purchased several MTXs and most importantly Stash Tabs which are core parts of the game by now...will there an option for transfering them or these need to be repurchased?

* Same for Supporter Packs! As someone who has several supporter packs...if I want to continue to play on console, I will be stripped of all my previous support history/rewards? Simple, but a huge reason not to consider transfering to xbox.

* As of now the game is very dependant on using as trading website, are there plans for having an in-game trade system to not have an obvious problem for console players?
Currently it is said that the PC version will NOT support controllers, is that a 100% fact or is there a chance you will change your opinion on it, because there will be fans who will only buy an Xbox to play this with a controller!

* The separate versions and balance will obviously divide the community...what are the plans on avoiding one of the communities ( obvously the xbox one ) from falling a lot behind and become completely irrelevant or "dead" forcing more serious fans to transfer back to PC. ( Population and Trading is tightly connected )

* Path of Exile is heavily community based, since the 2 versions will be separate, this fact itself will also make a lot of people consider it twice before they play the game on Xbox instead of PC. Are there any "lures" or "advantages" apart from the controller support on xbox to actually help build up the community there?

* 1 - Reference to first question...if the xbox version will have population and other issues, transfering to PC would make you lose tabs and MTX purchased only for console. This matter would simply scare people away more from transfering or choosing the game on console over PC


I am not sure if I have asked all the questions I wanted and I am concerned about, but the main reason for this post is : I am bit afraid to invest in the console version of this game, as it looks very risky. I know going on Xbox version is an option and not a must, but it's something a lot of people think about.
PoE as of now is dominant on PC and probably will be always, lots of reasons from above and unmentioned are incentives for people who will meet the game first on Xbox or just simply try it on Xbox, to consider switching to PC, which is just terrible for the future of the game on Xbox and it's community, practically making Path of Exile on console a casual experience instead of the semi-hardcore, hardcore potential that it is on PC.

I'd love to support GGG more and I would be glad to do it on the console version, but I think with the lack of information about the plans, it simply sounds risky to even transfer to xbox version and maybe invest in the necessary tabs etc, not to mention getting an xbox for it.

PS.: I'd like to ask everyone to please refrain from Console vs PC , keyboard/mouse vs controller arguments!
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